Jasmine Aurora
Jasmine Aurora
Monday, June 30, 2003
I had quite a bit of time at home with Oskar today. It was pretty hairy at times. But I'd have to class it as a good day since he didn't actually hurt me, although he did try. Each time he tried to step on me or roll on me, Mum whisked me out of his way. But I think she forgot she was holding me at one stage because she bent down to pick up some books that Oskar had dropped on the ground, and bumped my head into the corner of the table. That hurt.

A bit later in the afternoon, I was having a feed when Green Eggs and Ham came hurtling towards us. Luckily Mummy swatted it away, so it didn't do any damage, although it did interrupt my feed because Mum put me down and stomped off to deal with Oskar. I'm getting good at falling asleep to the sounds of Oskar wailing.

Thursday, June 26, 2003
My hammock is no more. I've moved into a cot, and what's more, it was Oskar's cot. I don't think the change has helped Oskar's mood. I took a couple of days to get used to having space around me, but I like it now. Dad wraps me up tightly and I lie on my lambskin with my special blanket that Mum knitted tucked around me. There's a mobile above my face which is fascinating to watch, and my galah and rainbow lorikeet hang from the side wall.

I've been sucking on a dummy while I fall asleep, but it keeps popping out of my mouth. I try to chase it, but it usually falls too far away. Daddy tries to help by putting the wrap over the dummy to keep it there. Unfortunately Mummy can't do the wrap like Dad - If I wriggle my arms around, I end up with the wrap covering my whole face, which is a bit scary.

Oskar still tries to roll on top of me when he gets the chance, but thankfully he hasn't had much opportunity in the last week. Mum has kept me away from him, even if it means my hanging out in the cot where I'm protected. I can deal with that for the moment; hopefully soon he will be nice to me again.

My hernia seems to be getting smaller. That's good because it doesn't bulge out over the top of my nappy anymore. Just a bit more comfortable.

Saturday, June 21, 2003
Okay, enough of the tiny bath. Actually it's really the laundry trough and I've outgrown it. I used to bob around happily in there and I could stretch my legs out. But today when I had my bath, I put my feet against the end of the trough, straightened my legs, and bumped my head against the other end. Time for something bigger, Mum and Dad.

Friday, June 20, 2003
I went to see the Maternal and Child Health nurse again today. My stats are: weight: 6200grams, height: 59 cm, head circumference: 39.5 as at 10 weeks old. So I've put on 290 grams in two weeks, which is a much smaller increase than over the previous 8 weeks. That's not surprising because I've definitely been drinking less each feed and also dropped one feed over the 24 hour period.

But I've grown 3cm in length, which is rather a lot. Mind you, everyone who I've seen lately has been telling me how chubby I'm looking. I'm feeling quite okay thank you.

Mum and Nurse Anne talked about me for about 2 minutes before spending about half an hour talking about Oskar. That was fine with me because Mum's now armed with lots of strategies for dealing with Oskar's meanness, and that can only help me.

Monday, June 16, 2003
My favourite spot to hang around in is on the change bench in the laundry. For one, it's safe from Oskar, and secondly, I love to look at the pictures that are stuck on the walll and the roof. They are
bold, black and white pictures
that I find very captivating. I grin and stretch my arms and legs out when I'm there.

This morning I was in my bouncer for about five minutes, and in that time, Oskar dropped some jeans and a t-shirt on me, hit me with an emu, sat on me, and stuck the roof of his dolls house on my head. I was very happy to have my nappy changed and to go back to bed.

Wednesday, June 11, 2003
I am now 2 months old. To celebrate, Mum and Dad took me to a Doctor last night, who jabbed my legs with these huge needles and stuck some dreadful tasting liquid into my mouth. It was really awful. Daddy held me tightly so I couldn't move and I just had to sit there and cry. Meanwhile Oskar was bouncing around the room getting into everything and causing great mayhem. The Doctor wasn't so interested in me, but asked a lot of questions about Oskar's behaviour. I'm not surprised since he really was completely hyper. I was happy just reclining in Daddy's arms, until the needles that is. But I recovered from the experience pretty well and don't feel any different, so that's good.

Friday, June 06, 2003
Mummy and I visited the MCH Nurse this morning for my 8 week check up. I now weigh 5910 grams, which means I've put on just under a kilo in 3 weeks. Kind of a lot. But we all agreed to put that down to Mummy's over-abundant milk supply. I can also blame my tummy grumbles and inability to stay asleep in the early evening on the consumption of too much milk. Apparently my early morning feed at 2 or 3am could be causing my tummy pain in the evening. Because I sleep for longer before that feed, there is even more milk than usual, and I have a really big, fast feed. The nurse said that it can take 12 hours for it to reach the bowel, where it then causes pain, because there is a lot of wind with it as well. So she's told Mummy to take me off and burp me a few times during my feed. That doesn't sound so nice to me, but if it helps me at the other end of the day, then it's worth a go.

Wednesday, June 04, 2003
Today Dad moved my car seat from the middle of the back seat to the side. Hooray! That means that Oskar can't touch me no matter how hard he tries. I don't know why they didn't have it that way the first time. Anyway, I'm much happier because he was bashing me up every time we got in the car together, so I feel much safer now.

Have I mentioned that I have a hernia? It's a funny little bulge coming out at my belly button that sticks out over my nappy. The nurses have said that it will just go away by itself and not to do anything to it. It is very weird though, especially when it makes gurgly and swooshy sounds, and when Mummy pushes on it. Ergh.