Jasmine Aurora
Jasmine Aurora
Saturday, August 30, 2003
Okay, I guess I have to admit that it IS very hard to fall asleep when my arms are sticking straight up in the air as if I'm hanging out the washing. I don't know why my arms do that. It is kind of funny though, except when I'm really tired and my eyes are fixated on my waving hands. Then I grumble and call for help, which, of course, means that Mum or Dad comes in and wrap me super tightly so I really can't move. Then I fall asleep within minutes. Sigh.

I've had some good cuddle time with Grampa this week. He came down from the country so I had a few days worth of solid hugging. The timing was good because I've picked up a little cold and am feeling a bit average, so lying on my back hasn't been that comfortable. But being held upright by very big hands is really comfy and I've made the most of it.

I had a mouthful of sloppy goop a few days ago. It was warm and a bit rough and I had the feeling that this wasn't what I'd seen Mum and Dad eat the other day. I really wasn't sure about it, so after moving it around my mouth with my tongue, I then pushed the goop straight out again. I let Mum put in two or three mouthfuls but that was it. I increased my frown and started up a bit of a whinge, so that was that. I haven't had any again since, and am happy to stay with my milk on tap.

I went to see Nurse Fran again at the MCH Centre on Monday. My vital statistics are: weight 7430 grams, height 63.4 cm, head circumference 41.7cm, at four and a half months. I've put on 440 grams over the three weeks, which is completely average, so Nurse Fran was happy. I'm still sitting on the 90th percentile for weight, which explains why Mummy has to pull apart the folds in my legs to dry me after a bath. It just helps make me more cuddly I think.

Saturday, August 23, 2003
I've been able to stay awake for much longer periods of time over the last week. Previously I'd only be awake for an hour before getting tired, but now I'm awake for about one and a quarter hours and often longer. I went to Oskar's playgroup on Thursday and stayed awake the whole time. It was so interesting with all the kids running about everywhere. I spent a bit of time on the floor, hanging out with Alice, who is a month younger than me. Then I had a good bit of cuddle time with Michelle while I watched Bethany and the other kids.

I've been feeling a bit hungry lately. Feed times are all over and done with very quickly now - I guzzle, burp, guzzle a little more and burp some more, all in the space of about seven minutes. But then I'm really hungry again before three hours have passed. I was watching Mum and Dad eating dinner last night. They were putting all of this colourful stuff in their mouths and it was fascinating. I watched them as they picked the food off their plates, put it into their mouths and picked up more food. Hmmm...

I'm getting better at whacking the dangles on my playgym thing. Plus I can get toys into my mouth more often too. It used to be a bit hit and miss, but now I can deliberately put something in my mouth. I prefer to suck on my fingers, or Mum's or Dad's fingers, but failing that, a nice wooden toy will do.

Oskar handed me a toy today, which was very nice of him. But then he started stepping over me. He said, 'Watch, Mum,' and put his foot really close to my side. Then he did it again but a bit closer. After he'd stepped over me about four times I started getting really anxious. Thankfully Mum stopped him from actually stepping on me and distracted him with something else. Just in the nick of time I think.

But he has been really nice to me lately. He even let me lie in his bed and then got in next to me so we were both lying next to each other with our heads on the pillow. It was very sweet.

Saturday, August 16, 2003
I'm starting to rebel against the whole wrapping process. When I was littler I could only lie there and flop about a bit while Mum or Dad wrapped me really tightly in a sheet. I'd squawk a bit, but they did it anyway. Now I'm getting bigger and stronger I can resist a bit more emphatically. As soon as they lay me on my back to spread out the sheet, I start crying. Then when they wrap the first side over my arm, I start working it upwards. By the time they've tucked the second side in, I've worked both arms upwards. This is when they usually unwrap and start again, doing it tighter and forcing my arms down.

I like my arms to be free. I like to suck on my fingers and wave my arms about. But I do get a bit upset when I knock my dummy out. Or when I catch my fingers in the handle and end up squashing it sideways into my cheek. And I do get distracted when my arms are free - I watch them instead of falling asleep. So I can understand why they like to wrap me up, and I do stop crying pretty quickly and fall asleep. Usually. Except when I haven't had a poo in two days. Then I just yell.

Friday, August 08, 2003
Woohoo! I just rolled from my back to my side! I worked out that if I hoick my legs upwards and really tighten my tummy, then I can pivot over to the side. I did it quite a few times this morning so that I could whack and kick my dragon. I just discovered that if I touch the dragon, it makes noises and it bobs it's head up and down to look at me. Or that might have been Mum doing that... anyway, I'm pretty pleased with these achievements.

I have also been able to stand up on my feet with a bit of help from Mum or Dad. Last week my legs would crumple under me if I stood on them, but now I can take a bit of weight through them. That makes me happy too!

I'm smiling and gooing at anyone who comes near me. I like to make this gurgly sound in the back of my throat while I smile - people talk to me for longer that way.

I forgot to put in my stats from my last visit to the MCH Nurse. For those who are interested: height 62.2cm, weight 6990 grams, head circumference 40.8cm as at 3 months, 3 weeks. I know this is useful for those of you who are buying me presents from afar and need my size... ; ) Tee hee.

Tuesday, August 05, 2003
I met Nurse Fran at the Child Health Centre for the first time yesterday. She gave me a thorough check over including feeling the top of my head, moving my legs around, putting me on my tummy, waggling a rattle from side to side and doing all the weight and length measurements. It was quite fun and I gave her a smile. I've only grown a teeny bit in height and have only put on 300 grams in three weeks. Apparently I'm meant to put on more than that, so now I have a licence to feed as often as I like. I get to have a drink after I wake up and then again before I go back to sleep, where previously I'd only have one drink between naps. They were blaming Mum's reduced milk supply on her having to get up too much at night to Oskar. I wish he'd just stay in bed. He even wakes me up sometimes too.

Mum and I went out together today just for a stroll and a bit of window shopping. I've never done that with her before. Mostly I looked at the sky and any people who walked by, but I had a good look around one shop we went into. It was a wool and knitwear shop and Mum picked me up to have a look around. I was fascinated by all the colours and shapes, and enjoyed smiling at the nice lady in there. It was nice to go out, but I got very tired and fell asleep straight away in the car. I've slept a lot since being out.

Sunday, August 03, 2003
I've been very happy over the last week. I can stay awake a bit longer before my body does those jerky moves that mean Mum or Dad swoops to wrap me up. I spend time under my playspace where I can kick the dangly things more often and even swat them occasionally. I like being on my tummy where I can look around for quite a long time now before my neck gets tired. And I'm smiling a lot at whoever comes over to talk and play with me. All the same things I've done before, but I'm clearly getting stronger and can feel the difference.

Oskar is still being nice to me. He is out a lot at the moment, but he always gives me a kiss good-bye and comes and finds me when he gets home. Yesterday he'd been at Granny's house and Mum and I went to pick him up and have lunch there. I fell asleep on Granny's bed, but when I woke up Oskar climbed up next to me, put his arm around me, rubbed his cheek against mine and said, 'Hello Jasmine' into my ear. It was very sweet.