Jasmine Aurora
Jasmine Aurora
Saturday, September 27, 2003
I slept through the night last night! I was so tired after crying for about an hour before finally passing out. Mummy had gone out and, well, I just wanted my Mummy and she wasn't there, so I cried. When she got home I was asleep, but she picked me up and cuddled me and let me have a nice, warm, cuddly drink. I woke up just enough to snuggle into her and drink, then fell asleep again when she put me back to bed. It was very nice. Then I woke at quarter to seven in the morning, so that was pretty good. But I hope she doesn't go out again.

I'm really wanting Mummy at the moment. I watch her wherever she is in the room, and smile whenever she talks to me. This arvo I was on Daddy's lap watching Mummy, when she went out of the room. I was suddenly stricken with the thought that I wouldn't see her again, and I burst into tears. Then she came back and I stopped crying. Then she left again and I cried again. Then she came back into the room and I stopped crying.

Daddy fed me my rice congee today. I wasn't really paying much attention to it because Oskar was making such a racket I kept looking at him. And when he was quiet I was looking at Mummy. So I randomly opened my mouth and sometimes food went into it, and otherwise it went on my chin, or dripped on Daddy's knee or on my bib. It really took ages and I was pretty happy to finish because I really wanted a drink. I kept my eyes on Mummy in case she left again, but thankfully she stayed around.

I remember why I wanted her around: because she doesn't put me in the bouncer without the belt on! Daddy plonked me in it today without doing up the belt and then disappeared with Oskar. I looked around and saw my toys out of reach, so naturally leant towards them and toppled straight out. I did a sort of forward roll with a twist so that I ended up on my back, lying in front of the bouncer. And I screamed. Daddy was a bit mortified and cuddled me, but Oskar thought it was pretty funny and spent a good bit of time imitating what I'd done, including the crying bit. He sat in my bouncer and then did this elaborate fall and roll and came out with a really put on cry. I didn't think it was that funny.

I love it when Oskar plays with me though. He carried me around a bit today by holding me under the armpits and staggering about. Daddy was hovering nearby and Mummy was looking kind of alarmed from across the room, but I smiled up at my brother and let him move me about. He also fed me some congee yesterday and today. I liked that too.

Friday, September 26, 2003
Since Mum has been making me wait longer for a drink, I've been starving by the time I get a feed. Then I gulp down the milk as fast as I can when I finally get the chance, and drink as much as possible. I still think this tactic is a bit mean, but I have to say that I now sleep longer during my naps. Plus I'm staying awake longer as well, so it's all good. I'm still waking quite a lot at night, but I generally last about six hours between night feeds, with a few wakings before that.

Also, I'm now scoffing down a big bowl of congee each afternoon. I love it! I could eat more - I hope Mum lets me have more soon.

Another improvement is a new wrapping technique that Mum has used. After we saw Nurse Anne last week, Mum started wrapping me with my arms up near my chin. I liked that and didn't struggle as I used to. From there, it was easy to get my arms out if I wanted, but often I left them there. Now I like to get my arms out straight away, and lie with them beside my ears. I really like this - thankfully my arms seem to have stopped waggling around of their own accord, so I can just rest them on my bed and go to sleep.

Tuesday, September 23, 2003
I have toes on my feet! I can grab them and pull my feet up to my face to examine them. They are marvellous things. My fingers are also quite fascinating - I love to suck on them. Except when I suck them into the back of my throat. Then I gag...

Yesterday I went to the park with Mum and Dad and Oskar. It was great watching Oskar running around the place. Except when Daddy put me in the swing, Oskar threw a tantrum. Then when Daddy put me on the bouncing Koala, Oskar threw another tantrum. But when Daddy put me on the slide, and I swivelled from feet first to head first and face down as I slid, Mummy threw a tantrum. Daddy was more careful about sending me down after that.

Before we went to the park, Mummy and I went to some shops together. I sat on Mum's hip, nice and snug in the sling. It's a great spot to view the world from. Plus everyone smiles at me and says how cute I am, so I smile back because I like that!

Friday, September 19, 2003
Uh oh. I think maybe things are about to change. I've just been to see Nurse Anne at the MCH Centre and I listened in to the conversation. Didn't like it much. Nurse Anne has told Mummy to string me out between feeds to last over three hours, and preferably closer to four between drinks. That doesn't sound good to me.

I am very happy with the present arrangement: I have a drink from one side and am then content to kick back and have a play. If Mum tries to make me drink more I just turn my head and act all nonchalent. (She tried to force feed me when I was really little and I hated it, so I won't have it again) Then I have a little snooze, wake-up and ask for another little drink. No problem that I can see.

I suppose it could be easier if I didn't get so hungry overnight, but I honestly don't mind having two feeds overnight instead of one. But I heard Nurse Anne say that with my size, I shouldn't be needing a drink at all overnight. What kind of dreadful suggestion is that? I thought we went there to get helpful advice, and to suggest that I don't need to drink as often as I do is not helpful. Not to me anyway.

I need to keep all 7.88 kilos of me nice and rounded. At least I've grown a bit taller as well and not just outwards - I'm 65cm tall and my head circumference is 43cm (for those who are shopping for hats for me - it's getting very sunny). We'll just see how persuasive I can be with my cute, gummy smiles and my 'mmm mmmmmm mmmmm's'. I bet Mummy won't be able to resist letting me have a drink. Failing the cute option, there's always the scream to fall back on.

Monday, September 15, 2003
I've been so hungry lately that Mummy has given me some more of the goop I tried a few weeks ago. Yesterday I had a few spoonfuls of this smooth stuff that Mum called brown rice congee, but I got so hungry before she started giving it to me that I got all a bit antsy and bothered because it wasn't easing my hunger pains quickly enough. We ditched the bowl and went for my usual warm milk on tap.

Today was better though. I had half the amount I'd usually drink, then Mum offered me this big bowl of congee. After a few tentative mouthfuls I decided that it was really pretty nice. I watched Mum scoop it from the bowl, then I opened my mouth as the spoon approached and devoured the offering. I only got antsy when Mum was too slow - once she got the speed up we were both happy. I didn't need ages between each mouthful to swallow it - I only needed about one second.

Hopefully I won't get so hungry tonight. Last night I needed a drink at 1am and then again at 5am, and that was after waking about three times between each feed. I cried quite a lot and Mum and Dad both got very annoyed with me - that wasn't hard to work out. But at least I went back to sleep straightaway after the feeds. They seemed to have forgiven me today though - we've had some very nice cuddle and play time. Phew.

Oh, and like Oskar's site, Daddy has added a guestbook to the sidebar. Please sign it if you feel inclined. Thanks!

Saturday, September 13, 2003
I'm having fun being able to shimmy around a bit. I lie on my tummy and lift my arms and legs in the air and chug them about. It's good fun, if a little hard work. Using this method, I can actually move along the floor. The problem being that I seem to move away from where I want to go. Daddy put a toy in front of me a couple of days ago, and I did my best to get to it, but I ended up moving backwards away from it. Over one fifteen minute period on my tummy, I moved about a metre across the floor and rotated myself about a quarter of a circle.

I love it when Daddy holds me up high and swings me sideways, so my feet swing in a wide arc. I tuck my hands in to my mouth and giggle at him. Mum's been playing the, 'chug, chug, chug, I'm a little tug...' game with me when I lie on my back. That makes me laugh too.

I spent a bit of time sitting on the couch yesterday with Oskar - we were watching the Thunderbirds I think. It was really nice; I was playing with my favourite toy and Oskar was fiddling with another of my toys. Then he took mine off me - there wasn't a lot I could do about that - but as soon as Mum asked him to give it back, he swapped it for the one he had been playing with. So we were both happy.

Oh, and contrary to what my Dad would have you believe, my legs bear no similarity whatsoever to the michelin man.

Tuesday, September 02, 2003
Today I had my first swing at a playgroud. I'd been watching Oskar with a little bit of envy as he chortled away while swinging up to the moon. Then Daddy put me in the swing next to Oskar and pushed me gently back and forward. I tucked my arms in and sucked on my hands while I swung to and fro. I laughed, it was such fun. It was a little bit hard on my neck, but Daddy pulled me out before I started wobbling too much.

After the swing, I went down the slide! That was fun too. The first couple of times Dad held me as I slid down. Then he let me go and Mummy caught me at the bottom. Wooo! Not bad for a baby of not even five months. After that I was content to sit on Mum's knee and watch the boys - that was enough for me.