Jasmine Aurora
Jasmine Aurora
Wednesday, October 29, 2003
I can now pivot around on my tummy to reach toys that aren't in front of me. This is good. I don't always go where I intend mind you. A couple of times I've been close to the wall and have wiggled around and found myself squashed right up against it, unable to move away. Usually, though, I pivot around three quarters of a circle, where most of my toys are strewn.

But new possibilities are opening up. For instance, playing with Oskar's toys.

I found myself near his favourite toy: a wire frame with beads all over it. I managed to shimmey over to it and was happily fiddling around when Oskar came over and said, 'No, Oskar's toy'. That's the first time he's said no - he didn't mind my playing with his lego, and he often brings toys to me - so I guess he's a bit attached to the wire toy.

I'm enjoying meal times quite a lot. I'm having three meals through the day, with five breastfeeds. I've now had broccoli mushed in my carrot, and have decided that apple is really quite nice. I am also rather partial to avocado. And banana.

I did hear rumblings about reducing the amount of drinks I have, but I'm really quite happy with the way things are right now, thanks.

I've been waking up again through the last few nights. I don't know why, I just wake up. I woke five times on Monday night, but Mum wouldn't feed me until 6am, which was a bit mean. I'm not bothered by waking up at night - I get back to sleep again easily - but for some reason Mum doesn't seem to cope as well: she gets really grouchy in the mornings. Oh well, she'll work out her sleep problems.

Tuesday, October 21, 2003
My arms must have grown longer. Now when I have a drink, I gaze up at Mummy and reach up to stroke her chin, grab her lips and stick my fingers up her nose. And she gazes back at me and lets me do it. It's very nice.

Yesterday I went to see the VERY nice Dr. Andrew. He has a very nice smile and speaks baby talk very well. He told me that he had to give me an injection and I smiled up at him. Then Mum pulled down my pants and I let Dr. Andrew put a needle in my thigh without even flinching. I just looked at him and waited for him to smile at me again. He did and I smiled and squirmed back - what a nice man.

Carrot is yummy. Daddy fed me dinner tonight and I didn't even screw up my face when he gave me the carrot. I ate it all up with some rice and quinoa congee and really enjoyed it. That was until Oskar grabbed my spoon and shoved it in my mouth just a bit too far. I think it hit the back of my throat. I only gagged a little bit - not as much as when Mum fed me millet porridge this morning. I started choking and she told me to swallow it not breathe it. Gee, thanks for that tip, Mum.

Sunday, October 19, 2003
I've discovered my voice - what fun! I can now make wonderful noises like, 'mmmMMMmmmm' and 'nnggggrrrrrhhh' and 'aaaaeeeeiiiiiiaaaah'. These sounds come out even better if I have my foot or some fingers in my mouth.

My feet are a lot of fun too. I can grab them and pull them up to my mouth to suck on my toes. I'm pretty happy when I can do that.

I'm starting to realise that I can reach out and grab things. Especially when I'm on Mum's lap at the table. Previously I was content to sit there and just look around, but a couple of days ago I reached forward to grab some papers and a whole new world of playthings opened up. I grabbed a magazine to chew on this morning before reaching out to Mum's breakfast bowl. That provoked an instant scramble by Mum and suddenly everything was out of reach and my usual toys were plonked in front of me. Spoilsport.

I'm getting used to eating millet porridge each day for breakfast or morning tea and actually quite enjoy it. Mum has still made me try some different foods for my afternoon meal though. Over the last couple of days I've had pumpkin. I kind of don't mind the flavour too much, but I think the texture needs some work. It's stringy and rough and I have to mush it around in my mouth a lot before swallowing it. I was happy with my rice, but Mum went and changed it - apparently she put some quinoa with it which has totally changed the flavour. Last night I had rice and quinoa congee with pumpkin and I really ate it under sufferance. I don't know why I kept opening my mouth because each mouthful made me frown and screw up my face. But I kept eating it.

This morning Mum gave me apple again, but it was better than last time. I managed to eat about eight mouthfuls before deciding that I'd really rather go to bed, so I started crying. Off came my bib, my mouth was wiped (I hate that) and I was happily in bed asleep before I new it. Nice, prompt service - I like that.

Sunday, October 12, 2003
A couple of days ago Mum gave me some apple. I've been really happy eating my rice - I didn't realise that I'd have to eat other foods as well. I was starving and was looking forward to my rice congee, but Mum shoved a spoonful of green mush into my eagerly open mouth instead. Ooh, it was not nice. I tried to like it; I swirled it around in my mouth, swallowed some, spat some out and let Mum put in some more. But I really didn't like it. I did my best to get that point across to Mum: I couldn't have frowned any harder. When she kept trying to squeeze bits into my ever smaller mouth, I started up a grizzle. She eventually got the message and I didn't have to eat anymore.

That afternoon she offered me millet porridge. I wasn't very happy about that either, but I did eat quite a bit and had to admit that it was quite nice. A couple of times she tried to sneak some apple into the millet, but I picked it straight away and spat out the mouthful.

Yesterday she tried poached pear. Now that was REALLY horrid. I mushed it around my mouth and thought I was going to cry. I didn't, but I really got upset by it. How could Mum make me eat something so horrible? I vomited a lot after that.

Today it was back to the rice congee. I was wary at first, wondering what she might have slipped in there, but decided that it was safe to eat and had a big bowl full. Can I stick to rice from now on please?

Monday, October 06, 2003
Sleep has not been easy over the last couple of days. I keep popping awake when I'm still really tired, so I cry. Mum or Dad comes to put my dummy back in my mouth, but it just drops out again, so I cry more. I think my cold is still a problem, because I'm a bit snuffly when I'm on my back. And I STILL REALLY HATE having my nose wiped.

Mum strokes my face when I'm in bed. I like that so I grab her hand and hold it really tightly to my face so she can't leave. She has to twist and turn to get out of my iron grip. When sitting I like to grab whoever's hand is near and slowly work it towards my mouth. When it's close enough I quickly stick the finger in my mouth and suck like crazy. I love it.

Gee, I've had some major escaping poo lately. In fact, it's since I started eating food from a bowl. The last couple of days I've been sitting in the bouncer when I've filled my nappy. Filled and then emptied it seems, because there's never much left in the nappy - it all ends up up my back and around my side. Then follows a full strip and lather with bubbles - yesterday they plonked me in the laundry trough and ran the tap over my back. But that was kind of fun - it didn't bother me at all. I think my bouncer has been washed now...

Saturday, October 04, 2003
I'm really enjoying eating my rice congee now. I open my mouth and watch the spoon from the bowl to my mouth. I also like to stick my fingers in my mouth once I have a mouthful, because, well, it feels very different to what I usually get to feel. Oskar always comes over and feeds me one or two mouthfuls, which is fine except he tends to stick the spoon in too far and then just leave it there. So we both look at each other waiting for the other one to do something. Thankfully Mum usually intervenes and takes the spoon out of my mouth so I can swallow. Then Oskar wipes my face with the face washer - I really don't like that bit though.

I've had a cold for the last week or so. When I lie on my tummy my nose gets all drippy and goopey stuff runs out - which doesn't bother me at all until Mum or Dad come at me with a hanky. I hate having my nose wiped - I do my best to dodge the hanky and actually do a pretty good job of evading it. Except they eventually always win out and I have to suffer the dig and wipe with my head pressed against the floor. Ick.

I had another tumble a couple of days ago - and I blame it on Dad again. He propped me on the floor so I was sitting with my back against the couch. Then he took a step back and started babbling on about something or other. I looked at him, then looked at Mum - who was becoming increasingly animated - and then I realised that I was toppling over sideways. I fell and landed in a crumpled heap with my face squashed into the carpet. I really let rip with a cranky cry after that.