Jasmine Aurora
Jasmine Aurora
Thursday, November 27, 2003
Mmm, mango is yummy. I had some chunks of mango for the first time after dinner tonight. Mum put them on my highchair tray and I tried to grab the bits, but they were too slippery so Mum put them in my mouth for me. They were great to squish and moosh about. I saw that as my reward for being force-fed beetroot and sweet potato with brown rice. I really wasn't that interested in the vegies, but Mum kept shoving the mush in there anyway. So I blew raspberries at Mum when I had a mouthful of red goop - she was not impressed.

My motoring around is going well. I mostly scoot along by pushing with my toes and pulling with my arms. That technique saves my knees - they are not as red anymore. But I've been bumping into things, which isn't much fun - I'll be focussed on getting to a plaything to explore and won't notice the table leg in the way, or I'll find myself wedged under the couch.

The most exciting thing about being able to move is that I can get to Oskar's toys. He's not very nice about it though, and usually appears withing seconds of my picking up a toy to take it off me again. Then he sets off on his latest fun activity and walks over me with a leg either side, usually bumping my head on each pass. He can't straddle me as easily as he used to because I'm getting bigger.

I saw Nurse Anne yesterday and I'm now 9.1 kilos and 68 cm tall.

Sunday, November 23, 2003
I'm so pleased with myself! I can now motor across the floor at a pretty good rate. If I find something that I really want to get to, like Daddy's purple t-shirt or Mum's red shoes, then I put my head down, focus on the task at hand, and pull myself over really quickly. I now get up on my knees, move one knee forwards, slide onto my tummy for a quick rest, reach forwards with my hands, yank myself forwards with my hands and toes, slide one knee up, and do it all again. It works very well, although I am getting some pretty serious carpet burn on my knees.

I didn't sleep well last night. Oskar slept at Nan and Grandad's house, so I was put in his bedroom in the portacot. I lay there calling out, 'Hello? Why am I in here? Where's Oskar? I'm not ready to sleep! La la la...Is someone coming to talk to me? I'm lonely...I need a cuddle...Waa waa waa.' I woke up lots during the night and had to wait ages for Mum and Dad to come to me when I called. I was very happy to finally have a feed at 6am. All that calling out made me hungry.

Thursday, November 20, 2003
I've been working really hard at trying to move across the floor. Yesterday I spent ages on all fours, rocking back and forth, then I'd dive forwards onto my belly. That would get me about ten centimetres.

Today I worked out a better method. I was on the carpet, just beside the kitchen floor when I spied a tennis ball. I lay flat on the floor, stretched my hands out as far as I could, dug my toes into the ground, planted my hands down and hoiked myself forwards, a bit like a caterpillar. I could just reach the ball, but everytime I touched it, it rolled a bit further away. So I hoiked myself forwards again. I spent a good fifteen minutes doing this and worked my way about three feet across the kitchen floor. I was pretty pleased with my efforts and beamed up at Mum, who'd only occasionally kicked the ball further away from me.

I spent quite a bit of time sitting up by myself yesterday. I sat in the corner of a little fold-out couch, so I could lean back if I wanted, and when I overbalanced forwards (which I did several times) then I did a face plant onto the soft cushion and not the floor. I had a lovely time playing there.

I've had some more new foods. I really enjoyed silverbeet through my rice and quinoa congee, and Daddy made me a meat and vegie dish that was very tasty, albeit a little stringy. I had a bit of trouble with the bits of meat, but I still managed to swallow quite a bit.

I forgot to write in my stats for my last visit to the MCH Nurse: I was 8.735 kilos and 67.5 cm tall on the 3rd of November. I'm probably much heavier now considering how much I've been eating.

Oh, and I'm getting to sleep more easily.

Tuesday, November 18, 2003
Yesterday, Mum and I went to a day-stay school to help me sleep better. There were three other babies there, with one other girl close to me in age. I had fun swivelling around the carpet looking at the different toys and at the other babies. The other girl was lying on her side and playing. I can't seem to stay on my side - I fall straight on to my back. I talked and laughed a bit when Mum played with me, and I enjoyed my avocado for lunch, with stewed apple as desert. It was fun when I was awake.

But the sleeping part of the day was lousy. Mum wrapped me up as usual, with my arms free, and tucked me up with my new pink hippo. Then she left the room and I lay there listening to the other babies cry. It was so noisy - how did they expect me to sleep when there were all these babies crying? Eventually I got really tired and started to cry too, but Mum didn't come. She only arrived after I'd been sooking for ages and had moved on to a full-strength wail. She and another lady just patted me until I stopped crying and then they left again. It took me so long to get to sleep.

But I woke up again after only half an hour. I was tired, but very happy to see Mum and fully expected her to get me up. But she started patting me again. I was pretty miffed by that and got really cross. Then I realised what else was different - no dummy. When I was little, Mum and Dad would plug my mouth with the dummy whenever I let out a little cry. Now they don't want me to have the dummy and want me to cry. I don't really understand. I never really liked the dummy anyway; that's why I kept spitting it out. No big deal.

First it was the noise keeping me awake, then it was hunger. Thankfully Mum got me out of bed for a drink and I got to stay up for a play. Unfortunately though we did it all again in the afternoon: I was put to bed, I cried, they didn't come, they did come, they left, I cried some more, they came again, they left again, I cried more, I fell asleep, and woke again half an hour later. After fifty minutes of crying and patting, they all agreed that I'd failed 'resettling' and I was allowed out of bed.

It was exhausting. I was very happy to see Daddy and Oskar when they came to pick us up. I was even happier to get to my own cot, in my quiet bedroom. I had a catnap at dinner time, then got up for my final feed before falling asleep at 8.45pm with no dummy and no crying, and slept through until 5.30am.

I was happy with that sleep and wanted to get up. But no. Mum put me back to bed after a drink, and I cried on and off for forty-five minutes before falling asleep again.

But I'm happy. I'm always so happy to see Mum and Dad and Oskar. Even if Oskar is mean to me, I still adore him. I love to watch him and laugh at him and play next to him. I love being with my family.

Friday, November 14, 2003
I've finally achieved something I've been working towards for a while now: I got my whole big toe in my mouth while strapped into my car seat! It was so satisfying - I really had a good suck and made some great slurping noises while looking out the window at the trees passing by.

What's up with Oskar lately? He's been really horrible to me whenever I get down on the floor for a play. I'll be playing away, minding my own business and he'll come up and drive a toy over me or squash me or yank my toys away from me. This morning he really was revolting. Initially I thought he was just smoothing my sticky-up bits of hair down, but it wasn't water he was using - he'd dribbled onto his hand and was smearing it onto my head. Blergh! Mum nearly had a fit and sent him to his room. I get a couple of minutes peace each time Oskar gets sent to his room, then he's back and at me again. It's not working Mum!

My gums are soooo sore. I've been getting really tired and grumbly and have even cried a bit with the pain. I like panadol. I wish Mum and Dad would give me more...

My latest new food is a lentil daal. Very yummy.

Monday, November 10, 2003
I can now get up on my hands and knees! I'm pretty happy with this. I rock around a bit and usually stick my right leg out straight when I get a bit wobbly. Then I slide back to my tummy but then discover that I've moved backwards away from my toys. I stretch forwards to try to reach them but can't seem to get there myself. Mum or Dad then comes over to move me closer again.

Oskar has been playing with me quite a lot. I really like that, except for when he starts chucking things around or tries to squash me. But a few days ago he stuck a 50 cent coin in my mouth. I thought it looked good to chew on, like everything else, so I happily took it. But then I started gagging and coughing and Dad came flying over. I managed to spit it out, along with a good mouthful of vomit, but Daddy was very mad with Oskar. I felt fine after that and searched around for something else to put in my mouth while Daddy yelled at Oskar.

I've had some more different foods. Mum gave me some packet cereal for brekkie - it was okay I guess, but nothing special. I was happy to go back to millet porridge with apple, which is much better now that Mum strains out the lumpy bits. I've tried beetroot with carrot. I wasn't very impressed with that - it was too hard and chunky. I really like carrot and broccoli mushed together with rice and quinoa on the side. Yum. Another new food has been chicken - that's really yummy.

I've been sleeping out in the loungeroom for the last week. Seems that Mum and Dad got sick of my crying and shifted me out there. The problem is that it takes them much longer to come to me when I cry. The first night they left me ages and ages before coming to me. I was so upset! The second night they still took ages so I started feeling around and found my dummy all by myself. So that's what I do if they don't come straight away - search for my dummy and try to get it into my mouth. I'm pretty good at getting it in my mouth now and I often fall asleep again without Mum or Dad coming at all. Last night I didn't wake up at all - until my usual wake-up call from Oskar at somewhere around 6am. After Oskar wakes me up, Dad moves me back into the bedroom where I go back to sleep after a drink. I quite like it now - I don't get disturbed by Mum and Dad talking at night, or by their bedside lights. Works well all round.