Jasmine Aurora
Jasmine Aurora
Tuesday, December 30, 2003
I've had such a busy couple of weeks. Crawling is going very well - I can now get up a bit of pace if I decide that I need to get somewhere fast, like into the bathroom before the door is closed, or into Oskar's bedroom when he's not there. I'm also enjoying being able to get myself into the sitting position and then crawl off again from there. It seems so easy now, although it wasn't a couple of weeks ago.

Rolling over from my back to my front is now really easy and I do it quite a lot in my cot. I used to then crawl about and call out for Mum and Dad, but now I just fall asleep on my tummy because I get tired waiting for them to come and roll me over. I haven't worked out how to roll from my tummy to my back yet - the only times I've done it have been accidental except for when Oskar has helped out by tipping me over.

I've been working hard on standing up. My favourite aid is the little stool that Oskar uses in the bathroom - it's just the right height. I managed to stand up in my cot yesterday, despite my sleeping bag. I was very pleased with myself and bounced up and down with a big grin on my face. I also try to stand up in the bath, but that's not so easy. I frequently slip and slide down under the water, that is if Daddy is with me - if Mummy is with me then she's usually hovering really close and catches me before I topple anywhere. I don't mind going under the water, just as long as I'm not there too long.

It's been Christmas time, so I've seen lots of my extended family over the last two weeks. That's meant lots of cuddles and lots of trips in the car. Oh, and lots of presents - I have some wonderful new clothes and toys to play with.

I really enjoyed Christmas morning. Usually I wake for a drink around 6am and am then put straight back to bed for a bit more of a snooze, but on Christmas morning I was allowed to get up with Oskar, so we were all out in the loungeroom soon after 6 unwrapping prezzies. We all had stockings with little things in them - Oskar helped me unwrap my presents. Actually, I watched while he unwrapped them by himself, but that was okay with me. We both had fun playing with our new toys and had a wonderful day.

The only negative is that I've had a really bad cold for over a week now. My nose has been very drippy, which doesn't bother me, but of course it bothers Mum and Dad, so I have to suffer the nose-wiping process many times a day. My other comment about Christmas is that I've had lots of very boozy breastmilk - but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Monday, December 15, 2003
I'm having a lot of fun at the moment. As soon as I'm put on the floor I'm off. I like to crawl over to the TV and play with all the buttons and flashing lights underneath it. Usually I get moved away pretty quickly, but that's okay, I just find somewhere else to explore. Like under the coffee table, where there are lots of bits of paper to chew on.

I did discover that paper is very hard to swallow, though. I had a good chew on some paper one time, but it just got stuck to the roof of my mouth. It was a couple of hours before some of it worked its way out my mouth. Then Mum turned me upside down and scooped the rest out with her finger. That process was pretty horrible, but I still try to suck on paper - I 'm just drawn to it.

Other favourite activities include twiddling the wheels on the legs of the ironing board, trying to stand up on the vacuum cleaner, sucking on pegs, exploring underneath the dining table, although I seem to bump my head a lot doing that, and sucking on plastic - that gets taken away quickly too.

I'm enjoying eating different foods - I've had lots of new fruits that I love. I'm still trying to pick up fruit off my tray - I don't always have much luck, but it's fun trying. Mango is impossible, banana I sometimes get in my mouth, but I've had success with canteloupe and watermelon. I can hold onto the hard edge and suck and bite on the tasty fruit. Watermelon from the fridge is very nice on sore gums. I spent ages sucking on some today.

I like munching on biscuits, but only when my gums aren't too sore. Tonight I got to eat some roti. That was very yummy and I was able to hold onto it easily while I steadily munched my way through the piece.

Oh, the other thing that I really like sucking on is Mummy's shoulder. It's nice and soft and fleshy and if I really suck strongly, I can get a good bit of flesh in my mouth. A few times I've left big, red marks on her skin!

I've had some wonderful baths over the last couple of days. Daddy fills the bath so that I can lie down flat and the water only comes up to my cheeks. This way I can move about and kick and splash and suck on my big toe nice and easily. Tonight I worked out how to flip myself over so that I could crawl about the water. I then got my hands on the edge of the bath and tried to pull myself up to standing. I slipped quite a few times, but it was still fun.

I worked out how to roll over from my back to my tummy a couple of weeks ago. It was by fluke really - I did it in my cot by grabbing the edge and pulling myself onto my side. Then I just fell onto my tummy. But it was a bit of a problem because I couldn't sleep like that, so I had to crawl about the cot in circles while I called out to Mum or Dad. As usual, they took ages to come to me, so I was pretty grumpy by the time they flipped me over again.

I nearly forgot to say that I can make some great sounds now! I can go, 'Ah, bum!' and 'ah ba ba ba,' and 'ah boo!' I also like to say, 'aooaooaooaoo,' and 'mmmmmmm'.

Friday, December 05, 2003
I can do it! I can crawl!! I'm very, very happy about this. I can now crawl from the kitchen, down the hallway and into Oskar's room. Then I can suck on his toys for a bit, and then crawl back up to the loungeroom. Only when Oskar isn't about of course.

There are so many more playthings about the place that I hadn't noticed before. I particularly like investigating under the computer table. There are lots of cables under there to chew on and a footstool to climb over. I have to be careful when I'm climbing over things - my arms sometimes give way and I nosedive onto the floor or headbutt a table leg.

I've had limited exploring time in the kitchen cupboards. When I spy them open I trek over as quickly as possible before Mum closes them. I spent a very enjoyable 5 minutes this evening sucking on an egg beater.

I had pasta yesterday. It wasn't on my plate, but I stared so hard at Mum's bowl that she got the message and gave me some to try. It was very yummy and I ate a lot.

Monday, December 01, 2003
Every nappy change now, Mum is putting cream on my knees. They are so red and sore! My knee-saving technique didn't last long because I realised that I can crawl faster if I get up on my knees more. I still have a rest on my tummy between 'steps' but I'm definitely on my knees more.

I'm spending more time sitting upright to play with my toys. I like this position a lot, provided there is something soft behind me if I fall over. I fell straight back yesterday, and there was nothing to soften my fall. I got such a shock and wailed for a long time. I like to sit with my back to Oskar's couch, as long as he is not trying to clamber all over me and yank the toys out of my hands.

My mouth has been so sore over the last week. Dad has given me this sticky, sweet goopy stuff that makes me feel much better soon after. I've had panadol before, but that wasn't helping, so I'm happy with this new stuff.

I nearly insisted on some more earlier this morning, but not because of my mouth. I was motoring along the floor and was just behind my high-chair when Oskar rode past on his tricycle. The back wheel clipped the high-chair and tipped it over - right on top of me! It knocked me flat and pinned my head to the floor. I was only there for about a second because Mum came swooping over to rescue me. I screamed into her shoulder and sooked for a long time after that. I only forgot about it once I got into the chair and had some banana and avocado.