Jasmine Aurora
Jasmine Aurora
Tuesday, January 27, 2004
I can do a very neat side-step along the side of the bath. I usually stand up near the door to get to the ducks, but then spy the bath plug at the other end of the bath, so I edge up there to get it. The plug is great to chew on.

I did get a bit peeved when Mum stopped me taking it out of the bathroom though. I had a firm grip on it in one hand as I set of crawling out of the room, but she prised it off me. Likewise with bits of Oskar's jigsaw that he leaves out for me to play with. Today I marched all the way down the hallway before Mum discovered that I'd taken a piece of puzzle with me. She took it off me so I sat in the hallway and squealed and did the double-arm-waggle-of-annoyance.

Monday, January 26, 2004
I can now wave! Waving is as much fun as clapping hands, even more so because whoever sees me waves back. I like the one-handed wave to wave at Mum and Dad, but the two handed wave is useful too. When I get frustrated I waggle both hands in the air and call out, 'Nnnnnngggggg'.

What gets me most annoyed is when Mum tries to get whatever I've carefully put in my mouth out again. Yesterday I had the nicest time on the grass in Granny's backyard. I explored the grass and examined the leaves and of course wanted to taste them too. But everytime I got one in my mouth Mum swooped over and scooped it out. If I see her coming I can delay the process with my two handed waggle, but she inevitably gets to me somehow. It's very frustrating.

I'm enjoying feeding myself more. At lunchtime I munch on a corn cake with cashew spread. I love to lick the nut spread off and then suck and chew on the corn cake. Bread with avocado is yummy too. Each dinner I snack on an array of vegies, usually carrot, sweet potato, broccoli, snow peas and beans. I can't admit to swallowing very much of them, but I have fun exploring the textures and different flavours, and mushing them over my tray.

I've been having some salmon over the last week. When Mum first gave it to me I hated it and tried to scoop it out of my mouth. But she kept putting it on my tray and I kept forgetting which food it was that I didn't like, and so kept putting it back in my mouth. Now I actually don't mind it. Just as long as she doesn't mush it up with broccoli and avocado again.

Last night I got to try some of Mum's dinner: some sung chai bao that Daddy had made. It was delicious and I wished she'd given me more. I also tried the tofu but wasn't so impressed by that. I really liked the risotto they had for dinner a few days ago - I had it for dinner the next day and lunch the day after that. I munched on a sausage that Oskar didn't eat for dinner and thought that it was okay, but I didn't think too much of the chicken that Oskar didn't eat. It was too tough for me. I'm getting quite a lot of Oskar's rejected food, but I'm happy with that.

I had a really nice time playing with Oskar a few days ago. He, Mum and I rolled balls all around the floor. I tried to catch any that came near me and then sucked on them. Oskar sometimes snatched the balls off me, but then he'd find me another one and bring it over, which was nice of him.

We also have great fun together in the bath. We both play with toys and chat away. Oskar got in the bath first yesterday so I stood next to the bath and watched him. He kept putting bubbles on my face and when Mum poked her head around, he told her, 'Look, Jazzie's got a beard'. Mum left again so he resumed covering me with bubbles. When Mum came back I could just see through two little gaps in all the froth. But Oskar was happy and smiling so I was happy too. Mum did wipe the bubbles off for me though - I was pretty drippy after that and soon joined him in the water.

Monday, January 19, 2004
I have expanded my vocabulary! In addition to, 'Ba ba ba ba...' I can now say, 'Mama mama mama...' which, I have discovered, mades Mummy very happy! I have also uncovered the joys of clapping hands. I've been sitting on the floor watching my hands and trying to make them hit each other, and done a pretty good job too. Mum and Dad are very impressed with me and I like that.

In between practicing my new sounds and clapping hands, I've been in the wars. When standing at the coffee table I slipped and whacked my cheek right into the corner. That really hurt, but not as much as my foot did when I pulled a book onto it from the coffee table. I did that silent scream until I had to pause to take a breath, then I found my voice and wailed for ages. Mum jiggled me about for a few minutes before she noticed the great big blob of blood pooling on my toe. Then I got more cuddles while Dad cleaned it up for me.

I forgot about my toe until I kicked it under the high-chair tray while I was having lunch. More ouchies, but I forgot about that pretty quickly thanks to some blissfully cool canteloupe. I ate about four pieces.

I'm sure I have about fifteen teeth trying to fight their way through the one hole in my gum. It's not much fun, and I shove anything I can get my hands on into my mouth in an effort to get some relief. The nicest thing for my gums is watermelon, closely followed by canteloupe.

I scored today thanks to some good investigative work. I've discovered that Oskar usually leaves food on his plate, especially lunch and snacks, and that the plate is usually on his blue table, which I can reach. He didn't eat any of his lunch, so when no one was looking, I helped myself to it. I started with pieces of tomato and then went for the bread. I usually have toast, but I really enjoyed the soft bread - I found it much easier to eat. A bit later in the afternoon he'd left some watermelon on his plate. I grabbed that with both hands, sat down and set to work. I was not giving it up for anything. Mum came along and picked me up to put me in the high-chair. I kept hold of that watermelon with both hands and refused to let go. She managed to squeeze a bib under my arms, but putting the straps on was a bit of a nuisance. She prised my hands off to put them through the straps but that watermelon didn't leave my mouth until I'd finished every bit I could suck from it. It was heaven.

Saturday, January 17, 2004
I HATE having my nappy changed. REALLY hate it. But I've realised that I don't have to just lie there and take it. No. I can roll around and kick my legs and wave my hands and cry. It's a challenge to roll over onto my tummy when Mum is trying to hold me down and wipe my bottom, but I can do it. And when she's trying to put on the clean nappy, I dig my feet in and lift my bottom up off the table so she can't do up the nappy. I whinge and sook while this is going on, but it's strangely satisfying. I have a bit of control here and I like that.

One tooth has come through my bottom gum. I can't believe that I went through all that pain for just one tooth. I thought they were all going to come through at once. Not that the pain has stopped; it's just a bit less than it was. So far I can't really see any great benefit for having it except that it's fun to feel with my tongue and fingers.

Sleeping is going pretty well. I mostly go to bed around 7pm and fall asleep after a few minutes. I sit up in the cot and watch Mum and Dad leave the room, then I crawl about a bit, lean forward and settle on my tummy. I love being able to sleep like that - if Mum leaves me on my back I just flip straight over. I have been waking up a bit at night though. I think it's a combination of my gums aching plus being a bit hungry that wakes me. The good thing about being in with Oskar is that if I cry at night, Mum or Dad comes racing in to take me out - no more being ignored. And I have scored a late drink a few times lately too - that's pretty good. If I wake at night they usually put me back to sleep in the portacot. I don't mind that except that I can't stand up in there because I can't get a grip on the walls to pull myself up. I love to stand up in my proper cot. Stand up and bounce and squeal - all good fun.

Actually I stand up anywhere I can now. I especially like to stand at the balcony doors and look out at the trees. Daddy showed me how to stand using a little trolley and walk forwards. I'm a bit wobbly, but I can walk forwards pretty well. I'm quite proud of that achievement and smile away whenever I walk. I also really like to stand at the couch when Oskar is sitting on it watching TV. I bounce up and down and pat his leg and try to get his attention. Sometimes he kicks his leg out at me and I fall down, and other times he says, 'Well done, Jazzie'. It really depends on whether Mum or Dad are watching, but I take my chances...I just love it when Oskar plays with me.

I'm not really impressed with my food offerings lately. I used to like rice congee and mushy vegies and meat, but this week I just don't. I do like being able to pick what I want to eat. Mum's been steaming me some vegies to eat by myself, as well as some pasta, which I really like. She usually tries to shove spoonfuls of mush in my mouth when I've opened it to put in some pasta, but instead of just swallowing it I've been experimenting with scooping it out again with my finger. Lunchtime today was a good chance to practice, because Mum ruined my avocado my mushing carrot and broccoli into it. Blerk, it was so horrible I screwed up my face and managed to spit out quite a bit, although I did also swallowed some. I do like eating toast, though. I munch away for ages on a bit of toasted rye bread spread with avocado. But my all-time favourite food I think has to be peach. Mum has been giving me peach quarters to eat and I can't devour them fast enough. I get juice all down my chin and neck and often drop the bits because they're so slippery, but I love it. Not the clean up, though.

Friday, January 09, 2004
I have just had possibly the most boring afternoon ever. Mum decided that we should go to the movies together - we saw The Return of the King at Victoria Gardens. I don't know what possessed her, but I am way past sitting on her lap for a few hours thank you very much! We went into this tiny little room with seats for adults but no space for kidlettes. There were two other parents there and another baby about my age. We started off trying to explore the room, but our Mums kept interfering and stopping us from going down the stairs. I tried playing with a few toys Mum brought, but got tired of that after five minutes. There was nothing for it but to grumble.

Initially the grumbling prompted Mum to feed me. First up I got banana and I was happy with that for about ten minutes. The next grumble got me a breastfeed. I settled after that for a half-hour nap. A particularly noisy bit of movie woke me up and put me in a very grouchy mood. That got me some stewed apple. I think the food ran out after that because Mum started up the jigging around and patting and 'shhhh'-ing, and even a 'be quiet', which made me absolutely bawl. Finally I settled in the pram and just watched the other baby, who had managed to sleep through all the noise and wake up in a very babbly mood.

I was so happy to leave! Now that I'm home, I've been sitting on the balcony pulling leaves off Mum's gardenia plant. My little payback.

Friday, January 02, 2004
Yaaargh! My mouth is on fire! My gums have split open and some teeth are trying to escape. Waaaaa!

I feel miserable. I've just got over my cold, which lasted about 9 days, and now this. Already this morning I've had two falls that really hurt and made me cry for ages. And if Oskar so much as looks at me I cry. Hurt head. Need hug.

The big news, though, is that there was yet another big rearrange in the house and ... my cot is now in Oskar's room! I happily slept there for my afteroon sleep, but I realised the potential of the arrangement when I went to bed in the evening at the same time as Oskar. As soon as the door was closed I stood up and looked at Oskar, and he knelt on his bed and looked at me. Then we both started bouncing up and down and squealing away. We were both very excited and happy.

But unfortunately Oskar did actually want to go to sleep. He lay down and settled under the covers but I sat in the corner of my cot and cried. I looked around at the different room and there was so much to look at, and Mum and Dad's bed wasn't there. Plus I wasn't ready to go to sleep yet.

So after much patting and 'shushing' I was allowed up to play for another half hour before being put back to bed. I cried a bit more, but did go to sleep. Oskar stayed asleep while I cried so he was no fun. I had a late drink and tried to convince Mum and Dad that I should get up, but they wouldn't let me. There was more patting and 'shooshing' for about half an hour and still Oskar stayed asleep. I slept until 4.30 when the pain in my gums woke me again. I ended up napping in Mum and Dad's bed until 6 when I had my morning drink and could finally get up. More nurofen please.