Jasmine Aurora
Jasmine Aurora
Thursday, February 26, 2004
This week I've learnt that Mum's bonsais are off limits. I like to potter around the balcony and explore the plants. I pull leaves off the mint bush; apparently that's okay. I also pull leaves off the gardenia; Mum is less keen about that, but lets me do it a little bit. But when I started picking at the soil on one of the little trees Mum barked out, 'JAZZIE', and I jumped a foot off the ground. I turned and looked at her while she pointed and rambled a bit. Then I turned back to the bonsai and picked at the dirt again. She yelled at me again and I jumped off the ground again. The third time I actually managed to get a mouthful of dirt before she picked me up and took me inside. I didn't mind the dirt, but I did mind the rough wiping out job that Mum did on me afterwards. She shoved a face washer in my mouth and tried to scoop all the bits out. It was horrible. I much perferred the dirt, which really didn't taste bad at all. Quite like the mud I tasted at Granny's, actually.

Friday, February 20, 2004
I stood up by myself for a whole six seconds! I was showing off for Daddy, who, happily, is home again. I haven't done it again, though. Daddy keeps trying to get me to stand for Mummy, but whenever he holds me up under the arms, I lift my legs up into the sitting position and laugh. Hee hee.

I've just spent a lovely morning in Granny's backyard. I sat on the grass and examined the leaves and twigs and tasted the dirt. It was wonderful fun. Then I discovered the birdbath and spent a very happy fifteen minutes or so splashing about. I'd been standing at the bath and got a bit tired, so I used it to hang on to to lower myself to the ground and succeeded in tipping most of the contents all over my legs. So then I played in the mud - it was lovely except for Mum constantly trying to wipe mud out of my mouth. I was very happy with mud in my mouth, thank you.

Friday, February 13, 2004
I'm slowly deciphering the secret to drawers. I first realised that there were things hidden behind the walls a few weeks ago. Mum would open a drawer and pull out some Tupperware for me to play with while she cooked. I was happy sitting at her feet exploring the different shapes.

A little while later I ventured over to the drawer and peered into it. Oh, joy! There were all sorts of things that demanded my attention, so I had to work out how to get to them myself. I very carefully stood up at the drawer and reached in...then the drawer started to move back to the wall. I could only watch as it closed towards the wall and wedged my fingers inside the drawer. It took me a few seconds to realise that I was stuck and my fingers really hurt; then I yelled for help.

I've probably wedged my fingers in that drawer about five times, so I've now shifted my attention to the spice drawer. I can safely open this one myself and stand up at it to pull out all the little packets. It doesn't seem to want to close on me like the Tupperware drawer, thankfully.

The other drawer I like to poke around in is in the bathroom. There are all sorts of fun things in there, but Mum keeps taking me away, so I'll investigate it more fully when she's not around. The same goes for the toilet - I like to stand at it, hold onto the bowl, and peer in. But each time I start to reach in towards the water, Mum whisks me away. That just makes it all the more tantalising.

I'm now going to Gymbaroo once a week. I get to crawl around all this fun equipment and look at all sorts of interesting things. Or, that's what I'm meant to do. But both times I've been, all I've wanted to do is to cuddle Mum; so each time she put me down, I climbed straight up to her again. I don't mind going somewhere special to cuddle Mum for 45 minutes - that's fine by me!

Friday, February 06, 2004
Ow, ow, ow! My mouth is really hurting. I try to bite on anything I can find to get some relief, but nothing much seems to help. The best thing to bite on is the spine of the book, Jamie's Kitchen, which is in the bookshelf so I have to stand up and turn my head sideways to get a good grip on it. I had a go at Will Studd's Chalk and Cheese book, but Mum took that off me when I accidently tore the cover off.

My favourite thing to play with this week is a spoon. I have lots of fun sitting on the kitchen floor tossing, waving and chewing on the spoon while Mum is cooking. My favourite spoon is Oskar's breakfast spoon because it has a really nice handle to chomp on, but I have to be careful to only play with it when Oskar isn't about. Mum keeps an eye out for me.

I went to the gym with Mum and Oskar a couple of times this week. It was okay the first time, but today was horrible. Oskar and I were the first kids there, so I could hang out with Oskar in the big kids area while he had his snack. I followed him about wherever he went and was very happy when he settled to play with the playdough. Mmm, mmm! I was happily munching on a mouthful of green playdough when a lady swooped in on me and scooped it out. I was very upset by that and couldn't stop crying. Oskar was very sweet and kept coming over to see if I was okay. He even wiped tears off my cheeks with a tissue. The ladies all hovered around trying to cheer me up, but I wanted my mummy! By the time she arrived I was all hot and sniffley and totally miserable. I only felt better once we were in the car; Oskar made me laugh and I forgot about why I was crying. I so love my big brother.