Jasmine Aurora
Jasmine Aurora
Tuesday, April 27, 2004
I'm having such bad luck at the moment: I clobbered myself with a clave yesterday and now have a bruised eye. A couple of days before, I tripped over Oskar's doona and did a face-plant onto the floor - I didn't get my arms out to stop my fall, so I ended up with a squashed nose. I've really had enough.

Last night I woke up late and felt so sore and miserable. I cried and cried and only settled with some panadol and serious cuddling with Mum and Dad. Mum and I bounced up and down on the swiss ball and looked out the window till I fell asleep. Then I woke again about 3.30am and cried and cried some more. I finally fell asleep tucked under Mum's arm in her bed. I feel pretty flat this morning and am happy to quietly play with some toys on the floor. I'm keeping away from the clave.

Friday, April 23, 2004
Okay, now I'm really getting sick of all this attention. I just want to potter around and explore and do my thing, but wherever I go, there's Mum hovering around me. We went to the park Wednesday afternoon with Claire and Amelia and Mum stuck by me the whole time and hardly let me go. I didn't mind too much at the time, but by the next day, when we went to playgroup, I was really sick of her. When I got into the hall I made straight for the little slide and tried to climb up it; Mum pulled me off. I climbed up a chair onto the table; Mum pulled me off. I climbed up onto the minitramp and bounced up and down; Mum tried to help me bounce. I walked to the doorway to go outside; Mum picked me up and took me there. JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!!!

When I do get some spare time at home, I've been practising my first real word: 'Bye'. I'm pretty happy about that and have been waving at everyone and calling, 'bah'. The second word I've been working on is, 'hello'. I pick up the phone, hold it to my ear and say, 'ah-ooo'. If I can't find a phone, then a remote control will do, or failing that, a bookmark. 'Ah-ooo!'

Thursday, April 22, 2004
I am not having the best week. My top teeth are still pushing their way through, I've had about fifteen injections in my arms and legs,I tipped a cup of hot tea onto myself, and I threw a tantrum on the kitchen floor and slammed my head into the ground. This is the week of pain.

The tea was a bit of a drama: Mum had just put the cup on the table and I was thirsty, so I went to grab it. I think I sloshed most of the tea forwards because the cup was heavy and I was reaching up very high, but then I tipped a little bit back and it slopped down my arm. I got such a shock I screamed like I've never screamed before. I didn't scream that hard when I got the injections, or even when I was born. Mum stripped my top off and cuddled me and I calmed down. But then she insisted on holding my arm under the tap and I nearly had a fit. The tap was terrible - the worst bit. When she finished with the tap I was so happy I just looked about and tried to remember what the fuss was about. Ah, yes, the painful burn on my arm, that was it.

Sandra from our playgroup came over and had a look at my arm and made all sorts of serious expressions and noises. Then Oskar woke up from his nap, stood in the doorway and weed down his leg - that was a good distraction. He was a blithering mess and I forgot that I was the injured one. Finally he went back to bed and Mum and I went out to the pharmacy to show them my arm. The lady there also made serious noises and told us to go to the doctor. So we went back home after running into Jenny, our local cafe owner, and showing her my burn. She looked terribly shocked and I started to wonder just how serious it was.

When we got home Oskar was up again and playing with Sandra, so we all got in the car and headed to the doctor. I played with my new monkey toy on the way and felt okay. We went straight in to the doctor who rubbed a tissue over the burn - yaaaaargh! Then he held my arm while he wiped on some cream and then wrapped the area in bandages. I screamed the whole time and was so relieved when it was over. I had to admit to feeling a bit flat and tired after that ordeal and I fell asleep in the car on the way home and even stayed asleep as Mum carried me upstairs and put me to bed.

I felt okay at dinner time - not very hungry, but then I haven't wanted to put much in my mouth because of my sore gums. I fell asleep at 7pm as usual, but woke up in pain at 8.30pm. I took ages to get back to sleep after that - I was really sore. I flopped around Mum and Dad's bed and they took it in turns to cuddle me and sing to me. It would have been nice if I wasn't so sore. Eventually I fell asleep and slept through till 5am, had a drink and went back to sleep till 6.30, when I woke feeling great.

The bandage is bugging me a bit, but not too much. I can't get it wet so no baths for a while I guess. The upside is lots of attention from Mummy, who is hovering around me and batting away Oskar whenever he touches my arm. I could get used to that.

Monday, April 19, 2004
This is over a week later, not tomorrow...I've been a bit busy and a bit miserable, really. My birthday party was wonderful: Some family and a couple of friends came over for brunch. Daddy made cinnamon scrolls for everyone, which were delicious. Everyone sang happy birthday to me and then I, okay, Mum, blew out a candle that was stuck in the middle of a cinnamon scroll. I then sat at the little blue table and tried to eat my scroll. What I ate was lovely, but I mostly ended up smearing sugar and cinnamon and sticky dough everywhere. It was fun, though! I got some really lovely presents - thank you everyone!

The next day we all went down to Balnarring for the day. I had a wonderful time at the beach. Jack and I sat near each other and dug into the sand with spades and made patterns. I was content to sit there for ages. I really liked looking at the sea and feeling the wind and the sun.

On Tuesday I went to a puppet show with Oskar, Mum, Dad, Amelia and Claire. It was amaaaazing! I sat on Daddy's lap for the entire show - about 40 minutes - and I think I had my mouth hanging open with awe the whole time. I was fascinated by the show, particularly all the animals hanging from the roof. I even pointed to them; I've never pointed before, but I was so impressed I found my arm pointing to the snakes and bugs hanging down. That was a lot of fun.

Later in the week I went to see the Maternal and Child Health Nurse for my one-year check-up. I'm now 10.8 Kg (90th percentile) and 75 cm tall (50th percentile). Reading between the lines, I'm a little bit tubby, which is perfect for a bubby. The only suggestion Nurse Fran made was for Mum to feed me a cup of milk with each meal. She thought the lack of extra milk might be why I still wake up at 5 or 5.30 for a drink. So I now get a cup or rice milk with each meal. Sometimes I drink half of it and other times I have a bit more, but I'm still not convinced about the stuff. I prefer Mum's milk or water.

I now have four teeth, with two more trying to force their way through. Consequently I've been very grumbly and tired and short-tempered. A girl who is growing teeth is fragile and therefore should get to spend as long on the swing as she wants, and she should also be able to play with Oskar's toys and throw food off her high-chair if she wishes. If the rest of my family works this out, then I will survive the ordeal much more happily.

Sunday, April 11, 2004
I turned one today! Mum and Dad threw a surprise party for me - I had no idea that I was getting a party, or, um, that it was my birthday at all... But I was very happy about it! I've had a really wonderful day. I will write more about it tomorrow. I'm a bit tired now... ; )

Sunday, April 04, 2004
Oops. I broke Daddy's pestle. Or was it his mortar? Anyway, I got into the cupboard while Daddy was making bagels and found this wonderful-feeling stone stick. Of course I wanted to tap with it to see what noise it made, so I tapped it on the ground while Daddy had his hands full. Tap, tap, tap, then Daddy told me to stop. Tap, tap, tap...oops. It broke clean in two. But it made a really great sound on the floor.

We have a music box that I love to explore. There are shakers, tapping sticks, pan-pipes, a drum, a little piano and some other bits and pieces. I squat next to the box and hit the drum with the shakers, tap the piano with the sticks and shake the squeaking toy as hard as I can. It's a lot of fun, especially if Mum comes over and sings some songs I know from Gymbaroo. We often sing, 'Row Your Boat' and do 'Dog went to Dover', where Mum crosses my legs and then flips me over onto my tummy. I love this kind of play.

Today I worked out how to get to standing without hanging onto anything. I get into the squat position and push myself straight up. Easy! I'm pretty much walking everywhere now unless I want to get somewhere quickly; then I gallop on all fours. I'm very happy with myself!

Friday, April 02, 2004
I like walking; walking is fun. I've been walking all over the place today, even to the point of forgetting that I'm not that good at it yet. Mum will put me down and I'll take off before I've really got my balance. Then I go plop and fall forwards onto my hands and my head stops just short of the ground. If I walk too slowly then I end up rocking from side to side and eventually crumpling onto my bottom. But when I get it just right I can walk the whole way across the room.

Tonight Oskar held my hand and we walked together from where we'd been watching TV over to Mum and Dad. I was so happy. I beamed at Daddy and grinned up at Oskar. He was so gentle with me. When we were watching TV he stroked my head and kissed my forehead. He's such a lovely big brother.

I went to a park with Oskar and Mum yesterday and it was the first time I've been able to walk around the playthings rather than be carried or crawl and get woodchips in my knees. It was very satisfying.

In other news, my top teeth have finally broken through my gum. The skin is peeling away and I have huge craters in my mouth. Well, that's what it feels like anyway. I was up late last night and woke very early this morning with the pain. I even struggled with a breastfeed this morning - I must have been in a bad way. I ditched the feed and opted for a snuggle while I grizzled. It was kind of nice, actually. I'm not as sore tonight, but maybe that's because I'm so tired from all my walking. Maybe I'll sleep better tonight.