Jasmine Aurora
Jasmine Aurora
Sunday, May 23, 2004
Something has just occured to me. I haven't had a breastfeed for a while... Since we went to Tasmania in fact - over a week. Hmm. I wonder if this has anything to do with the fact that I bit Mum's nipple? She wasn't impressed, but then she didn't get angry with me either. Nice as it was, I haven't really missed it. I've been drinking rice milk with my meals and guess I've drunk a bit more over the last week. That's okay by me.

Speaking of teeth, I'm enjoying mine. I can chomp on a cheese straw, bite into an apple, shred chicken schnitzel, and make really cool sounds when I grind my teeth together. Plus I now have a toothy grin!

Friday, May 21, 2004
Oskar and I have been having these fun conversations. He's been yelling out, 'AAAAAAAH!' a lot lately, especially when he's angry, and one day I decided to try it too. I yelled, 'Aaaaaah' and Oskar yelled back, 'AAAAAAH!' Then I went, 'AAAAH!' and he went, 'AAAH!' We went back and forth for a long time before Mum got sick of us and distracted me with something. Today I discovered that if I yell in the garage it sounds twice as loud as normal. And yelling in the car sounds really loud as well, especially when Oskar joins in. He he.

I'm loving talking - I can make all these wonderful sounds like, b'toy, p'tum, mmm mmm, bey, yiyiyi, wizzem, metung, b'tiah and p'dumadumadum. I even tried to say my name; it came out sounding like yama awawa. Mum was pretty impressed with that and so was I.

Friday, May 14, 2004
I'm just home from a surprise trip to Hobart. Mum, Dad and I spent two nights there while Oskar had a holiday at Nan's house. I got to go on a plane, which was a bit of an adventure. We squeezed into some seats and I was happy playing around until Dad made me sit on his lap and put a belt around me. Then I don't know what happened, because I, and all the other babies on the flight, started crying at the same time. My head felt really weird and my ears hurt, although they did feel better whenever I drank some water. Then I was okay for a little while before the pain came back again. That lasted about fifteen minutes, then I was fine and happily enjoyed sitting on Daddy and munching on bickies. After a while all us babies started crying again and kept it up until we landed. I was very happy to get off the plane.

We found a nice cafe where we had lunch before settling into our hotel room. I loved being there with Mum and Dad and gave them lots of big kisses whenever they asked. I smiled and chatted and happily pottered around exploring the room. I spent a long time playing with my favourite toys: Mum's purse, Mum's diary, Mum's sunglasses and my nappy wallet. (I love to pull everything I can find out of all the hidey places and spread the bits as far over the room as possible. It's great fun!)

My only complaint was that Mum and Dad were a bit slow getting my dinner. The first night I got so hungry I picked up and shook my tupperware container to try to open it. That didn't work, so I searched around and found a little plastic container that had had vegemite in it and tried to lick the remains out. That wasn't very satisfactory either so I sat down and did the double-arm waggle of annoyance with an angry shriek, which finally got their attention. I then really enjoyed my baked beans and pasta.

I got to sleep in a cosy portacot, which I was pretty happy in. Dad tucked it in the corner of the room and moved the couch against it to give me some privacy. I happily went to sleep at night to the whispered mumblings of Mum and Dad from the other side of the room. During the day I napped in the stroller or the car when I felt tired and was able to motor along pretty well with short naps.

I was very happy to see Oskar when we got home. I gave him a big kiss and he gave me lots of cuddles. That was before he bumped me over a few times, squeezed my hand till it hurt and yelled, 'Aaaaaaaargh!' in my face. But I guess I got to go away with Mum and Dad and he didn't, so he's a bit mad. That's okay - I still love him.

Monday, May 10, 2004
Last week Mum took me and Oskar to a shoe shop. I presumed we were there for Oskar or Mum, but, to my horror, we were there to get some shoes for me. A lady measured my foot with a cold, metal thing and then disappeared. She came back with some shiny, black boots and squashed my feet into them. I was mortified. I stood on the groud and felt like my feet were in cages that were rooted to the ground. I stood there with my legs way apart and wobbled back and forth. There was no way I was going to lift a foot off the ground. I cried and wailed and held out my arms to Mummy. She cuddled me but wouldn't pick me up. After a good five or ten minutes of insistent crying they finally took the shoes off my feet. I was happy until they stuck another pair on, but at least this pair were a bit softer, so I cried a bit less hard. But I still cried. And I wouldn't move from where Mum put me on the ground. Eventually Mum picked me up, so I stopped crying, but then we left the shop and the shoes were still on my feet! I tugged at them in the car, but couldn't get them off. When we got home Mum put me on the ground and I stuck to the spot and started crying again. I was very happy when the shoes were taken off.

A couple of days on and I've sort of changed my mind about them. Daddy held my hands and encouraged me to walk in them, so I tentatively took a few steps and felt okay. Then this afternoon I went to the park with Mum and Oskar, and have to admit that it's much nicer having shoes on than having bits of woodchips sticking through my socks and pricking my feet. I set off exploring at the park and left Mum and Oskar behind as I wandered away to peer into the tennis courts and look at the ravens on the grass. It was really very nice.

But what was really nice was being able to walk along the street with Daddy as he held my hand with Oskar holding his other hand. I could get used to that.

Monday, May 03, 2004
Mum and I went to Gymbaroo this morning and thankfully Oskar didn't come this time - phew! I had a lovely time climbing up the slide and the ladder, and bouncing on the minitramp. I was watching when Sharon hung up the swing and started walking over to it straight away, but some other little pushy kid got there first. But he made a mistake when he paused in front of the swing and stood there looking at it. I brushed past him and grabbed hold of it, claiming my right to get on first. On I climbed with a bit of help and happily smiled away as I swung and spun. But I couldn't believe it when Mum went to get me out after only 3 or 4 minutes! I was furious; I arched my back, kicked my legs, waggled my arms and screamed. Mum held me in some sort of wrestling hold while I watched the other kid get in the swing. I was not happy and grumbled until I got distracted at the trampoline.

The Treasure bag theme was birds; we all brought birds from home and walked up to Alma to collect them when she pulled them out of the basket. I'd watched lots of ducks, Tweetie Birds and Big Birds being pulled out of the basket before I saw our pinkanpurple parrot finally emerge. I walked up with my arms outstretched and grabbed the bird with glee, then turned around, grinning from ear to ear, and walked back to Mum. I was so happy to see my knitted bird. We then had more play time and pinkanpurple parrot came too.

I'm pretty proud of something I've learnt recently: When Mum and I do 'Row your boat', we hold hands and rock back and forth, then when the words go, 'If you see a crocodile, don't forget to scream...EEEEE!' we lift our arms in the air together. This morning I did it with Mum, then when I heard the crocodile line, I dropped Mum's hands, held mine up in the air and went, 'EEEEEE!' Mum was mighty impressed, and I was a very happy girl!

Saturday, May 01, 2004
I had my last visit to the Doctor yesterday - hooray! When we got in the room I looked at Dr. Kevin, looked at my arm, then tried to pull my sleeve up for him. That's how used to the process I've become. I did end up crying though, because he peeled off the stuff that had been on my arm all week and I wasn't very happy about it. I writhed around and grizzled, but Mum and Dr. Kevin conspired to pin me down while it felt like he was peeling off my skin. I got distracted by a toy while my arm was washed and re-bandaged, so that was no drama at all - and I don't have to go back! Hooray!

This morning I dropped a duck in the toilet. It made a great splash and bobbed up and down a bit. That was kind of fun; can't imagine why I haven't done it before.

I've discovered that I really like swings. Playgrounds are good fun to explore, but the swings are my favourite. I happily squoosh down in the bucket seat and smile and giggle as Mum or Dad push me back and forth. I also really like it when Oskar pushes me; he bumps and twists me around and we both laugh. But I wish they'd just let me stay there until I'm ready to come out. Ten minutes just isn't enough - I think a good hour of swinging wouldn't be too much to ask.