Jasmine Aurora
Jasmine Aurora
Thursday, June 24, 2004
Well, I'm now on antibiotics. I felt pretty lousy Wednesday morning, but still managed to potter around a bit. By lunchtime I felt awful; I was hot and sore and just wanted to sit on Mum's lap and press my face into her chest. She took me to see Dr. Kevin - when I saw him I remembered that the last time I'd been there was for the burn on my arm. I gave him a good, stern stare. Then I flopped into Mummy and let him do his thing. He prodded my tummy, listened to my heart and lungs, looked in my ears, looked up my nose, looked in my mouth and took my temperature. The conclusion was that I have a sore throat and probably a sinus infection. I do know that my face hurts.

Now Mum is squirting horrible stuff in my mouth three times a day. I try to resist, but I always end up swallowing it. But I have to admit that I'm feeling a little better. I certainly hope tonight is better than last night, when I struggled to get to sleep because I could hardly breathe. I got so tired I just cried. Mum and Dad walked around with me, which was nice. I would have happily slept upright in their arms, but I don't think they were so happy about that. I did have a bit of fun sometime around midnight when Mum took me into her bed. I stretched out, leant back on Mum, moved over to Dad, kicked out a bit and snuggled some more. I got evicted to the portacot once I started chatting. I should have stayed quiet. Eventually I got to sleep and made it through to 6.30 - a sleep-in by recent standards. At least I've had lots of extra cuddles since being sick - that's nice.

Tuesday, June 22, 2004
The third drawer down in the kitchen is full of silver cutlery; it's my new favourite playspace. I love to pick up all the tiny teaspoons and forks and drop them on the kitchen floor where they make a great clang. Then I get a Tupperware container from the Tupperware drawer and stick a few spoons in it. I shake it about and bang it with another spoon. Rifling through the Tupperdrawer is also good fun; I see how many containers I can spread over the kitchen floor before Mum or Dad cleans them up.

I'm actaully not feeling too good today. I'm hot, have a runny nose and feel pretty grumpy. And I'm thirsty. Plus I have a cough at night and have been waking up very early. Hmm.

Tonight I get to sleep in the portacot in Mum and Dad's room because I've been waking Oskar up in the mornings. Serves him right for a change.

Thursday, June 17, 2004
I've been wanting Mum to write in my journal, but she keeps knitting. So I came up with a good way to stop that habit, at least when I'm around. As soon as I spy her knitting, I walk straight over and grab the end of the closest knitting needle. The first time I did it I'd yanked it quite a way before she grabbed it. She then muttered and mumbled as she picked up the dropped stitches. I've only needed to do it a few times since then, although I haven't been able to pull the needle as far before she's caught it. Another tactic is to grab the ball of yarn that's hanging around on the floor. She hasn't knitted around me for the last few days...think I might have won.

I've been trying to say some words that I hear Mum and Dad say. My name now comes out like, 'Wawa Wawa', and I can say the name of Oskar's teddy, 'Bobo'. I love to take my book of the week to Daddy and say, 'Peas, peas, peas' as I hold it out to him - this week I'm reading Yoyo's Numbers. I also like to pick up the phone, press the blue button, hold it to my ear and say, 'Oh'.

I love to be around Daddy and get very upset when he leaves. I hold out my arms to him and wail, then lie face down on the floor and kick my legs and cry as he goes out the door. I really want Mum close by too though. I spent most of playgroup today clinging to her legs when I wasn't in her arms. When we go out and I'm in the stroller, I get terribly upset if she strays more than a metre or so away from me. I hold out my arms and cry until she picks me up and cuddles me. Then I rest my head on her chest and enjoy the snuggle.

Tuesday, June 08, 2004
I've been playing a fun game with Mummy: I point out the window and go, 'Deh', then Mum turns around and looks where I point with a funny look on her face. We both laugh and then I point somewhere else and say, 'Deh!' and she looks with her eyes wide and mouth open. We both giggle and then I point somewhere else again. He he, I love this game.

I love books. My favourite is a little board book about Mr.Nonsense. I flip through the pages and turn it upside down and gaze at the pictures. It even tastes good. I frequently take it over to Mum or Dad and get them to read it to me. Last night Oskar read it to me! It was very cute: he mumbled it in a little voice and when he saw that Mum and Dad were watching he told them to stop looking, which they did, and then he finished reading the book to me. Then he yelled, 'I did it!' We were all pretty happy about that!

Friday, June 04, 2004
I'm getting really good at walking now and am starting to get up some speed. This is important so I can run away from Oskar of course! We've been chasing each other around the house, which is such fun, but he's so much faster than me. I really try to go quickly - I take great big steps as fast as I can - but it also means that I fall faster too. I have to get my hands out really quickly to stop my face from hitting the ground. I don't always make it, so the quicker I can work out how to run the better.

I'm sporting a big scab on my nose at the moment, but not from running away from Oskar. When we were at Phillip Island we stayed in this great big house that had a staircase in it. We slept down the bottom, but ate and played up the top. I was with Mum down the bottom when Dad went up the steps so I set off to follow him. I'd made my way part of the way up when I tripped up and toppled down again. I landed with a crash on the landing, having broken the fall with my nose. It really hurt and I cried and cried. Soon after we went out for a walk and I forgot about my nose. Probably because it was so cold out there that my nose might have gone numb. Dad was carrying me on his shoulders, which I loved. I had a great view of the waves and clouds and birds. But it was so cold. Mum ordered Dad to take me back to the house but we didn't quite make it in time before the rain came. We didn't mind, but Mum was a bit cranky.

I'm loving looking at birds and playing with the knitted birds we have at home. I was very excited at Phillip Island when a magpie landed on the balcony just outside the window where I was standing. I pointed and yelled out, 'BA! BA! BABABA! BAAA!' Sandy was trying to feed it, but the bird kept walking away. Then Sandy closed the door and the bird was happy to eat - it didn't like me talking to it!

I love to hold the knitted birds and make them fly around. Mum says, 'Flap, flap, flap,' when she makes them fly; I say, 'Ba, ba, ba, ba,' as I bounce them around.