Jasmine Aurora
Jasmine Aurora
Wednesday, July 28, 2004
I've made a few good discoveries this week. I'm happy to report that I can now reach up to the light switches! I celebrated yesterday by turning on all the lights in every room. Oskar followed me around saying, 'Mum, Jazzie's turning on the lights!' I was very happy with myself. Turning them off again is a bit harder - I really have to stretch to do that, so I just leave them all on.

I've also worked out how to make a 'k' sound. I started off by repeating, 'ak, uk, uk,...' lots of times to remember how to do it, then I said, 'Ukar,' and pointed to Oskar's picture on the wall. Another big plus that I'm happy with.

Last week when I was lolling around the house with Mum I realised that if I point to the top of the bookshelf and say, 'up', then Mum will lift me up to see what I'm pointing at. I've also been holding both hands up high towards the kitchen bench and saying, 'up', so that Mum knows that I want something on the bench. I'm gradually working out how to make them understand me.

Another plus this morning happened when I was playing around with Mum and she asked me if I'd had a poo. I got straight up, walked into the laundry and pointed to the change mat. I had had a poo and it was good to get my nappy changed straight away for a change. Mind you, lately I've been protesting during nappy changes and have been doing my darndest to kick Mum in the tummy while she wipes my bottom. It's a bit of a challenge but I often succeed. But it is kind of nice to have a clean, dry nappy, so maybe I'd better back off on the kicking.

I went to Gymbaroo on Monday and we all sang, 'Three Little Ducks' and held up our fingers to be the ducks. Oskar even joined in with the singing, which was really cute. Yesterday at home I'd been pottering around when I decided to try singing the song. I held up my hand and hummed out a tune and waggled my fingers about. I didn't sound anything like the song, but Mum and Dad knew what I was singing and were very impressed. That was fun.

Monday, July 19, 2004
I've been practicing saying, 'Oskar' and am very proud of myself! It comes out sounding like, 'Aitar', 'Ahtar', or 'Ahdar'. I first said it a couple of days ago. I'd been playing around by myself while Oskar slept and I was hanging out for him to wake up so I could play with him. When I heard him call out from our room I went running (well, striding) down the hallway calling out, 'Ah-tar!' with my hands reaching up to the door. Mum and I burst into the room and when Mum told Oskar that I'd just said his name he had a happy smile on his face!

Oskar and I have done a bit of cooking together lately. The best part is wearing an apron. If Mum forgets I point to where they hang on the fridge and call out, 'Dis, dis, dis!' until Mum gets them down. I like to drape an apron around my neck or else Mum ties it around my waist. Then I wander around with a spoon or a fork and bang it in a Tupperware. Oskar helped me to taste the Anzac biscuit mix that we'd made a few days ago. He ate a big lump, then held some out for me to eat, which I gobbled straight off his fingers. Yum, yum!

Tuesday, July 13, 2004
I'm trying to get better, but I just can't seem to shake this virus. I now have a runny nose and a few days ago I had this awful barking cough. I woke up at night and barked like a dog before wheezing in some air. It was a bit scary, but Mummy's cuddle was very nice, so I calmed down pretty quickly and fell asleep again. I woke a couple of times last night and coughed, but got back to sleep okay with more cuddles.

I've been out to lots of playgrounds through the week again, although it's been pretty cold, so we didn't stay too long at any of them. I was looking forward to going to playgroup with Oskar but that wasn't as fun as I'd hoped. We got there late and as we walked up to the gate, a boy leaned through the fence and threw a toy hammer at us. We got inside and Mum put me down. I wanted to check out the scene before deciding where to go so I sat on the ground and looked around. Then the same boy came over, put two hands on my forehead and pushed me backwards! I fell back and wailed, but at least I managed to keep my head from hitting the ground. Mum came and rescued me and the boy's Mum took him away, but he didn't say sorry or anything! So mean. Oskar doesn't like him either because he knocks down Oskar's towers. We didn't stay too long and both Oskar and I stayed right next to Mummy.

I've seen lots of Granny and Nan and Grandad over the last couple of weeks. I'm feeling much more comfortable being around them without needing Mummy to cling onto. I even went right down to the bottom of Granny's yard with Granny while Mum was inside - that was a first. And at Nan's house, I spent a few mintues exploring the toys with Nan while Mum was in the other room and I was fine! Actually that was a nice visit: It was Great Grandma's birthday and I got to sit up at the table with Great Grandma and munch on banana cake. Yum, yum! I am pretty grown up now, since I'm fifteen months old, so it was nice to sit at the table on a big chair, just like a big girl.

Saturday, July 03, 2004
I've had a fun week. I'm feeling much better; in fact I was feeling better a day after taking the icky white stuff that tasted of strawberries, so I don't know why I had to take it all week. I soon learnt that protesting wasn't worth it because Mum squirted it down my throat anyway, so I just sucked it from the tube. Or maybe I got better when I passed the infection over to Oskar...

I so love playing in the music box. I pull out an instrument, play it a bit, put it aside and pick up the next instrument. I put the mouth organ to my mouth and blow on it, I tap the xylophone with a stick, I bang the clave together, I tap the castanets, and I shake the maracas. And I love to whack the drum with whatever I can grab.

In the box there is also a bracelet, a necklace and a scarf. I love to put them all on. The scarf is lots of fun; I put it over my head and giggle, waiting for Mum or Dad to peer underneath it. I wrap it around my neck and walk around flapping it behind me. It feels very lovely.

Oskar and I have been playing a funny game. He says, 'Jazzie say, "Mum-mum"', and I say, 'Mum-mum'. Then he says, 'Jazzie say, "Mummy"', and I shake my head back and forth and giggle. We do it over and over again! We both end up laughing; I love funny games with my brother.