Jasmine Aurora
Jasmine Aurora
Tuesday, August 31, 2004
We're just about to move house. I'll have my own room at the new place; I'm not sure if that's good or bad. I kind of like being woken by Oskar in the morning, especially when he's like he was this morning. He woke me just before 6am and put on a show for me. I stood up in my cot and watched him dancing with Tinky-Winky and Laa Laa. We both shrieked and laughed and giggled.

After Daddy got me up I sat on Mum and Dad's bed while they were still lazing in it. Daddy asked, 'Jasmine, where's my nose?' and I leant forward and touched Mum's nose. Then he asked where's my mouth? and I pointed to his mouth. I also pointed to my eyes, but got stuck when he asked about my chin.

I can almost say, 'hello'. It comes out like, 'ayo', but everyone knows what I mean. This morning as I greeted Mum and Dad I said, 'ayo, hi!' which made them very happy.

I'm nearly able to run! I practiced this a lot yesterday at Billy Lids playcentre. I spent ages striding really quickly around all the equipment. I can get much farther away when Oskar is chasing me before he catches me, and I'm better at staying upright after he ploughs into me. This is good.

I also had the best fun rolling around on the soft mats. I discovered the joys of doing roly-poly down a wedge at Gymbaroo in the morning, so I spent ages rolling myself over and over in the afternoon. I happily chortled away and laughed up at Dad who was standing guard near me. It was a fun day.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004
I'm getting really good at going up and down stairs. I was starting to feel like a bag of shopping with being carted up and down the steps all the time, so I insisted on doing it myself. I was a bit slow at first, but now I can shimmey down the steps almost as quickly as Mum walks. I go feet first on my tummy and slide down in no time. I've just started trying to step down like everyone else does, but that's feeling pretty precarious at the moment. Going up I used to crawl hands first, but over the last week I've been walking up while hanging on to the rails. I'm pretty pleased with myself in being able to step up like Oskar does, although I am quite slow. Sometimes I hold on to Mum's hand and we walk up together - that makes it quicker and I feel a bit safer.

Something I like to do when we're at home is to help Mum when she sits on the toilet. I've noticed that she always tears off some toilet paper and sticks it down in the toilet, so I decided to help. I tear off a bit of paper and shove it between her legs for her. One time I noticed some hair near her legs and thought that shouldn't be there, I don't have any of that. So I reached in, grabbed it and pulled. But it seemed to be stuck and Mum yelped instead. I've no idea what that was about. So I keep helping with the toilet paper, I just ignore the hair.