Jasmine Aurora
Jasmine Aurora
Sunday, September 26, 2004
I'm learning lots of new words now. My regulars are, 'Ukkar', 'Daddeee', 'Mummeen', and 'ber' when I see a bird. But over the last few days I've added quite a few more. Now I point to our car and say, 'gar', I can say, 'NO!' where I used to say, 'nine'. I point to something I want and say, 'dis', and today I made a really good attempt at saying, 'Suzette' - it really did sound like that, although I'm sure I fluked it and won't be able to say it again for months. If I'm in the mood I try to copy words that Daddy asks me to say, which is good fun because Mum and Dad look so impressed if I have a good go at it.

I'm feeling good now, but I wasn't earlier in the week. I had a really sore throat and even went to the doctor after spending a day slumped against Mum's chest. I perked up after a couple of days, though, and happily went to playgroup on Thursday where I spent about two hours in the sandpit. I was SOOO happy Friday evening when Granny came by with a clam and buckets of sand. Oskar and I stood next to the bucket and each grabbed handfuls of sand and tossed them into the clam. We ended up with sand all over the ground, ourselves and a little bit in the clam, but we were very happy.

This weekend I've spent quite a bit of time sitting in the sand playing about. I love it. The bit I don't like is being brushed down after getting out. I think Mum and Dad have to loosen up about sand.

Other tidbits about this week are that I got some new sandals - I'm now size 5 1/2. I have to be a bit careful when walking in them because they are a lot longer than my boots, but I'm getting used to them. AND, I can run now! A real run too...he he he, Oskar, here I come.

Sunday, September 19, 2004
I've decided that having my own room is really, really nice. We've been in our new house for two weeks now and I love it here. I have a box of toys, a little couch and a rocking Eeyore in my room that I like to play with, but I really like it when Oskar plays with me in there too. I can look out my window to the front yard and see the birds pecking at the bird seed that Oskar and I leave out for them.

The front yard is great fun. I sit on the ground and play with the tan bark and swoosh my fingers in any mud caused by watering the plants. Out the back I like to sit on the concrete and draw with coloured chalk. When Mum hangs out the washing I take the bucket of pegs and try to make off with them, but failing that I tip them all on the ground and then slot them into the sprayer bottle one by one.

But the bad news is that I now have whatever Oskar has had over the last week. Yesterday I started feeling a bit hot and sore and I struggled to open my eyes. Today I've had two naps instead of one and have spent a lot of time cuddling Mum.

Mum's pretty pleased with me because I've started saying, 'Mummay'. Sometimes it comes out like, 'Mumnee'. I've been saying, 'Mama' for a while, but Mum seems to think 'Mummay' is better since she looks so happy whenever I say it. Today I also said, 'Are Go!' when Oskar, Dad and I were watching Thunderbirds. Dad was very impressed, so I wandered over to Mum repeating, 'Are Go! Are Go! Are Goo!' It's fun to make Mum and Dad laugh.