Jasmine Aurora
Jasmine Aurora
Monday, October 25, 2004
Hear me say, 'Thunderbirds are GO!' (it's a small file)

Friday, October 22, 2004
I had such a lot of fun being bad this morning. First up I kept rolling over while Mum was trying to change my nappy. Then I'd get up onto my knees and try to turn off the power switch that lead to the washing machine (which was on). After that I was playing with the playdough with Oskar and I kept sneaking bits into my mouth. I would have snuck them okay except that Oskar kept telling Mum, who kept telling me not to eat it and even cam and stuck her finger in my mouth. Oskar then stuck his finger in my mouth so I bit it.

Then we got in the sandpit where I threw a handful of sand. Mum told me not to so I glared at her and threw another handful. She pulled me straight out of the sandpit so I waited until she'd moved away, walked over, picked up and threw some more sand and then tried to close the top of the clam on Oskar's head. I got sent to bed after that effort where I slept for over two hours.

It's no wonder I'm a bit tetchy. I have a swollen, cut top lip from falling off the couch onto the coffee table yesterday - face first. Plus I've just got a top molar and have a great crevasse in my bottom gum where another tooth is forcing its way through. I think I'm allowed to be grumpy.

Sunday, October 10, 2004
I was thinking that I might have shrunk, because since we've been at our new house I haven't been able to reach the light switches. I've had to make do with flicking the power switches on and off instead. Oh, and the oven knobs. But it turns out that I haven't shrunk, I've grown quite a lot and it's the light switches that are higher.

Oskar and I went to see the Maternal and Child Health nurse on Friday so I now know that I am 82.5 cm tall, just above the 50th percentile. I am also 12.2 kg, just above the 90th percentile, which, says the nurse, explains why I'm not eating as much as I used to. I'm just not that hungry, especially in the evenings. It's much more fun to fling food across the room than to eat it.

That also explains why the new pants that Mummy and Granny bought me just didn't fit right. They were too tight across the thighs... I like my pants out of stretchy material thanks.

I had my first haircut on Wednesday. Such as it was, because I can't tell any difference - I guess it just looks a bit neater. The fun bit was wandering around the salon and climbing up onto all the chairs, smiling at myself in the mirror and then spinning around and around. I got to do that for about ten minutes before I had to sit on Mummy's lap while the hairdresser chased my hair around. But it was over very quickly and I don't have to go back for a couple of months, so I wasn't bothered at all.

Daddy is away at the moment. I'm not sure when he's coming back so each time I wake from a nap I stand in my cot and call out, 'Ukkar, Daddy, Daddy, Daddeee'. Yesterday Oskar came in to my room and told me, 'Daddy's not here, Jaz, he'll be back next week'. Whenever that is.

I love playing my music from Gymbaroo. I can reach the stereo so I like to push the buttons and start my tape playing. Sometimes I bounce along to the music and other times I try to sing along. Whenever I hear, 'There were five in the bed and the little one said,' I sing, 'rororo, rororo'.

Some other Gymbaroo things I like to do are 'Round and round the garden...' and 'This little piggy'. I start giggling when Mummy starts making circles on my hand, then when we get to the, 'one step, two steps...' I wiggle my fingers and go, 'ticka, ticka, ticka, tick'. We all laugh then.