Jasmine Aurora
Jasmine Aurora
Monday, November 29, 2004
I've learnt more words that I'm loving using. When someone calls out, 'Jazzie', I now call back, 'whaaaat?' He he. I've also learnt about 'no'. When Mum asks if I want to go to bed I reply, 'no'. When they ask if I want a nappy change I say, 'no'. And if they ask if I want to go and play I say, 'no'. I'm not one hundred percent sure what it means, but it seems to be appropriate for lots of occasions.

I'm loving reading books. My favourites are Goodnight Moon and Aaaarrgghh, Spider! I love to flip through the pages and point to the pictures. In the spider book I point to the spiders and say, 'sbice'. In Goodnight Moon there's a picture of a red balloon. I find it in every page and say, 'bilooo'. Actually, I point to balloons wherever I see them. Whenever I find them in other books, or on the clown on my wall I call out, 'MummyMummyMummy, biloooo!' I was very excited to see some balloons on the tent in Oskar's room and yelled out, 'MummyMummyMummyMummy, biloooo!!' Sometimes it takes her a while to look at me, so I've taken to repeating her name a few times. It seems to work.

We've been singing, 'Heads, shoulders, knees and toes', a bit lately and I'm getting to know where they are. I point to Mummy's nose and say, 'nosthe', and stick my finger in her eye and say, 'eye'. I put my finger in my ear and say, 'eeyah'. Then I lift my foot up and say, 'knee'.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004
I like to try putting on my own shoes. And Oskar's shoes too for that matter. Oh, and Mummy's, but I can't walk in them. I just sit on my bottom and hold my leg in the air and laugh. I call shoes, 'youszh', a pretty good effort I think.

Oskar has taught me some more words to say. If I stand at the fridge door and say, 'Gogo-gogo', then Mum knows that I want some go-juice and usually gets it for me. Sometimes, like this morning, we don't have any juice left, so after Mum explains that, then I stand there and say, 'why?'. Then she explains that we'll buy some more when we go shopping and I repeat, 'why?'. This is a good way to keep her talking to me!

Another word Oskar taught me yesterday is, 'pleazhe'. We were playing in the sandpit and wanted some water from the tap to make apple pies with. Oskar yelled for Mum to get us some, but she refused until he'd said, 'please'. Then I went up to the tap and stood there waiting. Oskar came over and said, 'Jaz you gotta say, "please"', so I looked at Mum and said, 'pleazhe', and she got me some water! Earlier Mum had said that she wouldn't get us anymore water, but she changed her mind when I said, 'pleazhe', so I guess it's a good way to get what you want. I must remember it.

We went to another school fair yesterday. We didn't take the stroller so I got lots of cuddles because I didn't really want to walk by myself. There were too many big, noisy people there. The best part was the big slide. Dad, Oskar and I climbed up this huge lot of steps to get to the top of this monster slide. Oskar went first, then a strange man held me while Dad sat on a bag to go down. I got a bit worried because I thought I was going to be left up there with all these noisy boys, but the man handed me to Daddy and we both slid down together. I was a bit terrified at first, but by the time we made it down the bottom I had managed a little smile. It was kind of fun! Oskar had about four slides all by himself. He was very brave.

Thursday, November 11, 2004
Oskar, Mum and I went to the Zoo on Monday. I was pleased when I saw where we were but it didn't turn out quite the way I would have liked. I sat in the jogger while Oskar ran about the place. We'd stop at a cage, I'd search around for whatever was supposed to be in there and by the time I'd found it, Oskar was already halfway down the path so Mum would drag me away. Plus it took Mum a while to realise that since I was in the jogger my head was at exactly fence height, and the fence had a big, fat pole that blocked my view. We were sitting next to this enclosure and Mum was raving about the kangaroos and how they looked like Skippy, and then she squatted down next to me and said, 'Oh, you can't see anything, can you?'. Well, NO! I couldn't.

Mum let me out of the jogger and I was glad for my freedom and thought a little payback was in order. Oskar and Mum started walking up the path to the penguins but I stood on the spot and bounced up and down with a little arm waggle and said, 'Mmmmm mmmmm'. They said, 'Come on, Jaz, let's go this way', and I bounced up and down a couple more times before turning around and hightailing it in the other direction. Mum chased me and took my hand to lead me up the path, but I twisted out of her grip and ran off over the grass. She chased me down again and put me back in the jogger.

I sulked and was quiet for a while but was happy when I was let out again for some afternoon tea. We had some fruit and yummy shortbread biscuits while watching the little birds jump around us.

One thing that bugged me was that Oskar kept trying to kiss me and hug me and hold my hand each time I got out of the jogger. He drove me crazy so I pushed him in the face and yanked my hand away and squealed a bit. He was such a pest. I just wasn't in the mood. But he was kind of cute in the Zoo shop because he ran around, picked out all sorts of toys and gave them to me to play with. I got in a little hug with each animal before Mum took it from me and put it back where Oskar got it from. She did buy me a little Lion, so that was something.

Sunday, November 07, 2004
I'm having great fun learning what noises animals make. Oskar has been helping teach me and we have lots of fun together. He taught me how to do a cow: I put my fingers to the side of my head and say, 'Mioooooo'. I know a lamb or sheep says, 'baaaa', and that a cat says, 'meeeeew'. Daddy taught me that my Eeyore rocking horse says, 'hee haw, hee haw'. I also know that Pingu says 'Neh neh'.

Some other words I use now are, 'up, up, up' and 'out, out' when I want to get out of bed. I can also say, 'more', and I say it a lot, especially when I've been spinning around on Mummy's desk chair. When Oskar and I spin on the chair Mum counts the number of spins. Usually I spin around fifteen times and help Mum count with, 'aye, nine...'

I run through my whole vocabulary when I'm upset, usually when I'm having my nappy changed. I lie on my back trying to stop Mum from taking off my nappy and cry, 'Mummy, Daddy, Okkar, Laa laa, neh neh, bobo...waaa'.