Jasmine Aurora
Jasmine Aurora
Tuesday, December 14, 2004
My first three-word sentence:

'Mummy, kookabah gone'.

Thursday, December 09, 2004
I love to play with playdough. It's my favourite thing to do. Mum keeps it on top of the fridge, so I rise up on tippy toes, point and tell Mum, 'blah blow'. Mostly she gets it for me, then Oskar and I sit at the blue table and have fun. We love to make shapes, roll it into balls, and chuck it onto the floor. Then we step on it to make our foot prints. By then we're giggling away and Mum usually comes back to pick up all the little bits that are spread all over the floor. Meanwhile I see how much I can sneak into my mouth when she's not looking. I'm still very good at it!

I miss Daddy when he's at work. After he walks out the front door, I look at Mum and say, 'Daddy dong'. She replies, 'yes, Daddy's gone, but he'll be back'. Some days I'm fine, but other days I get really miserable. Every time I hurt myself I cry and sob, 'Daddy, Daddy...' and wish he were there to cuddle me.

I hurt my knee on Friday when Mum and I went to pick up Oskar from Kinder. I went running down the ramp, tripped and fell forwards. I grazed my knee and it really hurt. I cried and told Mum, 'Sore!' The next day, Oskar and I were in the car together when I remembered my knee. I called, 'Okkar, Okkar...' then pointed to my knee and said, 'sore'. He told me, 'It'll be better in a week, Jaz. See my knee? It's getting better'. It's good to have such a nice big brother.

I like to chat to myself when I'm having a quiet play. I go over all the new words I've learnt. Over the last few days I've been saying, 'hold on', 'uh-oh', 'I know', and I sing, 'beeyup, beeyup, beeyup...go, go, go...whoa!'

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Sunday, December 05, 2004
I had my first shopping success a few days ago. I was sitting in the trolley at the supermarket with Mum and Dad and I managed to grab a packet of English muffins and stick them in the trolley. They didn't notice them until we got home when they were unpacking the bags. I got to watch as they asked each other why they'd bought muffins and they both said that neither had bought them. Then they looked at me! I was pretty proud of my efforts!

Yesterday we had a Kookaburra sitting in the tree outside our house for the whole afternoon. I hear them laughing every day, but this was the first time I got to have a good look at one. I pointed and said, 'bir-bir', then Daddy taught me how to say kookaburra. I pointed again and said, 'kookabah'. I was rather pleased with that and wandered off mumbling to myself, 'kookabah, buckabah, bookabah...'

I've learnt some more words from Oskar: 'mine' is pretty useful and is guaranteed to upset Oskar. Yesterday I stood looking at the fruit bowl and asked Daddy, 'nana?' He said no and I replied, 'why?' He answered that I'd already had one that morning, so I asked, 'upple?' He said no, and I asked, 'why?' again. I think he just couldn't be bothered cutting it up for me because he gave me half a croissant instead. Thought I came out of that one pretty well!