Jasmine Aurora
Jasmine Aurora
Saturday, May 28, 2005
I had a sleep-over at Nan and Grandad's house all by myself yesterday! I had a great time playing with the toys and snuggling up to N & G for stories. And I LOVE the big bath! I wish we had a bath like that. When Mum came to get me I was nestled under Grandad's arm looking at books and I wasn't in a hurry to move at all. Eventually I said, 'Hello Mummy, hello Okkar', and gave them both hugs, although Oskar tried to give me the cold shoulder, but I didn't mind'.

Afterwards we went straight to Tom's house. I've been asking to go to Tom's house for the last couple of weeks - I'd ask, 'Go Tom's house? Play Alace? Tom?' We finally got there but I didn't want to let Mum go. I snuggled up to her for the first hour and made up for the missed cuddles from her when I was at Nan's. After a while I didn't feel quite so shy and I started to play a bit with the toys while I watched the boys. I do rather like Tom.

I took a while to get over the cold that I had last week. Last Thursday Mum put me in my cot for a nap, but I refused because whenever I lay down I could hardly breathe. So I yabbered away in bed and played with my toys, and when I got bored of that I started to cry. Happily Mum got me up again and I was so happy to sit with Oskar in front of Finding Nemo in the middle of the afternoon. I think Oskar woke up with my cold so he wanted to sit quietly. After a bit of the movie I found myself starting to sag sideways and the TV went all blurry. I vaguely remember Mum picking me up and snuggling up to her neck before I fell asleep. I had such a nice doze. I woke up towards the end of the movie and was very happy to find that I'd stayed sleeping on Mummy the whole time and that Oskar was still sitting next to me. We were all very happy for the rest of the day.

I've been saying a lot more new sentences that I'm very happy with. Happy because people understand me and answer me, or else they just smile if they don't:

Whenever I see Mummy dressed in her shorts I ask, 'Mummy run?' Last week she went running with Aunty Dodo and when I saw her I asked, 'Mummy run, Undie Dodo?'

Last week Mum's friend Belinda came over. I like Belinda and was trying to impress her with our new Fimble toys; I showed her Baby Pom and then ran off to look for Oskar's Fimbo while calling out, 'I show you, Belinda!'

If I miss out on seeing something I ask, 'Happened? happened, Okkar?' or 'where's it gone?' I'm learning a few lines from The Incredibles, too. I say, 'Not happy, Okkar!' Last week Daddy came home with a 'Credibles back pack for me. I was so happy with it and showed Mummy with, 'Mummy, here's my Bickables packpack'.

Each night when I'm put to bed I ask, 'Okkar fall aleeping?' I'm happier to go to bed if I know he's asleep too.

We've been playing a rescuing game a lot lately; Daddy grabs me and I yell out, 'Help! help! save me!' Then Mum or Oskar come to save me. Otherwise it's Oskar yelling out to be saved, then I run to him calling, 'I save you!'