Jasmine Aurora
Jasmine Aurora
Saturday, January 29, 2005
The most terrible thing just happened in the bath. One minute I was happily playing away by myself, the next I saw some poo on the bottom of the bath. I got such a shock! I instantly thought I have to get out of here! and lifted my foot up and tried to get myself out, while at the same time shrieking out for Mummy and yelling, 'potty! potty!'. I was so mortified. Mummy came and lifted me out and put me on the potty and I cried, 'Sorry, Okkar...sorry, Okkar'. I was so upset. I cried until I was dried off and dressed in my pyjamas and went to listen to stories with Oskar. He didn't seem to mind that I'd pooed in his bath, so I felt much happier. But I did lie in bed for a while calling out, 'Sorry, Okkar,' anyway.

Thursday, January 27, 2005
I'm just home from the best holidays. Mummy, Daddy, Oskar and I drove to Adelaide for a week of fun. We stayed in a nice appartment that had lots of big cupboards for me to open and close and hide in, and it had a great big bath! Oskar and I had lots of fun in the bath.

The first day we drove to a pretty place where Mum and Dad ordered yummy looking food and expected me and Oskar to eat boring sandwiches. We weren't so impressed about that so I dropped anything that I could reach on the floor and scribbled on the tablecloth with my crayons. After further grumblings we got extra biscuits, chocolates, juice and lemonade, plus mouthfuls of Mum's desert. We were very happy to have a look at the huge big waterwheel and play in the park outside once lunch was over. Later on we explored the botanic gardens; they were so lovely. After we got home Daddy and Oskar got in the pool. I watched warily for a while but then Daddy grabbed me and took me waist deep in the water! I nearly had a fit and screamed and cried until he handed me to Mummy. We sat and watched the boys play and I didn't let go of Mummy until we'd got upstairs.

The next day we went to the Zoo. There was a petting area that we could go in, so I got to pat a deer which was fun. I was happy watching the animals, but Oskar was pretty grumpy, so we didn't stay too long. Once home, Oskar and I ate sandwiches in front of Pingu on TV. We loved that.

On Tuesday night the bike race started. We took bags and bottles and chairs and settled ourselves by the side of the road next to the park to watch. A heap of cars drove by slowly and people threw us all sorts of things. We got water bottles, balls, flags, hats, whistles, and other stuff. I was very happy wearing a whistle around my neck. Then the race started; we got to see the bikes ride past every few minutes. They were very fast and there was a whoosh of air every time they passed. But I was getting tired and felt hot, so the longer it went on, the more grumpy I got. Early on, Oskar and I could run about and play in the park, but as the race neared the end, I got stuck back in the stroller. Finally the race finished at about 8.15pm and we went home. Then I perked up and wanted to yak on to Oskar, but he fell straight asleep, so I ended up talking to myself in the cot before finally dropping off.

Each day we were at Adelaide we went to The Store for morning coffee, hot chocolate and juice. Some mornings we got to munch on raisin toast and other times we got a croissant. We loved that place. Another thing about where we stayed was that planes flew overhead all the time. Whenever I heard one I'd yell, 'Mummy, PLANE!' Then, 'plane gone'. Once I called out, 'plane, eee yay you?'

Wednesday we played in the best playground I've ever seen before going to the city for a bit of shopping. Mummy and I bought chocolate while the boys bought the new Thunderbirds DVD and A Bugs Life. Then we drove to watch the start of the bike race in Salisbury. I fell asleep in the car and woke to find Oskar jumping in a jumping castle and kids running around with painted faces eating ice creams. There were heaps of people watching the bikes by the road so I couldn't see them, although I really didn't mind. It was very hot and we were happy to get back in the car and home to the pool. I was happy playing around beside the pool - I had no intentions of getting in - but Oskar went and splashed me, which was very mean of him. I picked up a towel and dried myself off. Later on we were playing hide-and-seek in the cupboard. I got myself behind the sliding door, but couldn't open it again. I had to yell at the top of my voice, 'Mummy, HELP!!' before someone let me out.

The next day we drove down to the beach. After five minutes in the car I told everyone, 'Guy, 'ere we are!' It seems we weren't there yet so I asked, 'why?' Then Oskar taught me that when I'm asked 'why?' I should reply, 'cos'. I told him, 'yeah, no!' On the way we stopped at another fantastic park. I love all these playgrounds. We saw the bikes again at Glenelg, then had a play on the beach before heading home for naps. In the afternoon we went to another two playgrounds and the Haigh's Chocolate Factory. Wow! We loved that place. I watched through a window as two ladies were smoothing foil onto huge chocolate fish. They noticed me looking and held up the fish so I could get a closer look. I smiled at them, pointed and yelled, 'SEAL!'

The next day we went to another great playground and then headed up the hills to see the race again. Oskar was really, REALLY grumpy, so the trip wasn't that much fun. He whinged and sooked all the time and kept annoying me. I saw some bikes slug their way up the hill before we went to a toy factory. I picked out a koala magnet to buy before we went to see some swans. Oskar was scared of the swans, but I wasn't. I stared at one for ages before heading off to try to pat a peacock and a chicken. Then we climbed up the giant rocking horse. There were really long ladders leading up these little tunnels. I climbed all the way up by myself. I was happy to climb down again, but Daddy seemed to think he had to carry me. He didn't really. On the way home Oskar was so naughty that Mummy pulled the car over to yell at him. I got very upset with her for that. Oskar was much nicer after we'd got home and he'd had a swim with Daddy. Then we went to our favourite playground in North Adelaide again and had fish and chips for dinner. It was such a good night.

On Saturday we drove to McLaren Vale. Oskar and I fell asleep on the way and woke up when we arrived. We played at a playground then saw all the bikes go past. Daddy held me up so I could see and I did high-fives with the policemen who drove past! Then we drove to a nice cafe where Oskar and I played in a cubby house in between munching on sandwiches. Then everyone in the cafe got up and ran to the road to see the bikes all fly past again. Once they were gone we drove to a winery where Oskar and I frolicked in the gardens while Mum and Dad tasted wine. We had a lovely time. We drove back to the playground to see the bikes for the last time before driving back home.

That night Oskar and I were so happy when Mummy got in the bath with us. We all had spoons and bowls and pourers and cooked up pancakes and brownies and hot chocolate. I was so excited that I started splashing and pouring water over the edge of the bath. I got evicted from the bath when I started hitting Mummy.

On Sunday I learnt to say, 'I wan' lollies'.

Sunday was the final day of the race and we had such a good day. At lunchtime we all walked from our apartment to the race across the parklands. The bikes went by about every five minutes, which was great. In between laps we played under the trees and Oskar and I got sticks and dug around in the dirt looking for interesting things to examine. I shook the clapper when the bikes went by and waved. After the race Mum and I walked along the river as Daddy and Oskar paddled around in a little boat! I was a little bit jealous. Then we got ice creams and drinks and dawdled back home again.

On our last night Oskar and I played around with blocks and books and stickers. I saw that Oskar had made a really big tower so I went and knocked it down. He got so upset with me! I thought that was why he made towers: to knock down. But I could see he was very annoyed so I said, 'Sorry, Okkar', and gave him a kiss. I think he forgave me.

The next day we drove home. I might just forget about that day, because it was very long and boring. But we DID get to stop at six more playgrounds, so that was good. Overall, we had a really great holiday!

Wednesday, January 12, 2005
Today I learnt a few things about weeing. If I wee on the bathroom floor next to the potty, I should remember that I did that so that when I go running in the bathroom to play hide-and-seek I don't slip and fall over in the puddle. I learnt that Mum loses her humour if I wee on her pillow and draw her attention to it by pointing and saying, 'Mummy, wee'. I also shouldn't wee on the couch when Mum's looking and then try to escape her grip while I'm still weeing, although I did manage to wee in the potty when Mum plonked me on it afterwards, so that was good. Possibly I shouldn't have my hands in the way when I'm weeing, either.

Monday, January 10, 2005
I finally did it! I've been wanting for ages to pee like Oskar does in the bushes. Yesterday I finally had the chance to give it a go because we were running around outside with no undies on. Oskar ducked over to the pink flowers to pee, so I watched him then pulled up my top, pushed my tummy forwards like he does and weed! I was so happy I did a little jig. Then I looked down and tried to wee a bit more - and I did! I felt very proud of myself.

Saturday, January 08, 2005
'Blankie! Ay yay you?'

Thursday, January 06, 2005
We've been out seeing lots of friends and family over the last week and I'm loving it. Last week Belinda and Patrick came over and both Oskar and I took it in turns to show things to Belinda. I'd call out, 'Blinda!' and show her my toy, then Oskar would elbow his way in to show her something else, so I'd yell, 'Blinda!!' again so she'd look at me, not him. We both liked Blinda.

A few days ago we had lunch at Julie's house. I took a little while to feel comfortable there - I wanted to see Belinda - but after a play outside I started to really enjoy myself. We all played hide-and-seek in the garden and it was such fun. Oskar kept hiding in the same spot while the silly adults walked in circles around the garden looking for him. I'd stand there giggling and pointing at Oskar for a while before the adults found him. A bit later Julie and I hid together; she told me to 'shhh' while we hid, so I did. After that I was looking for Mummy with Aunty Dodo and couldn't find her so I called out, 'Mummy, eee yay you? She came straight out after I called so that was the easy way out! It was a really fun afternoon.

On Tuesday Oskar and I spent the whole day at Nan and Grandad's house. It's the first time I've had the whole day there without Mum or Dad. Uncle Ad was there as well and I had such fun. Mum and dad arrived about 5ish and after that I lolled about playing with Mummy while she and Uncle Ad watched the cricket (I can say, 'Ada' and 'Uncle', but I can't seem to put them together yet).

Then yesterday we went to Aunty Dodo's and played more hide-and-seek and a bit of cricket in the backyard. I met some more people, Shaun and Lindsay, but was feeling like staying close to Mum rather than socialising too much. Oskar and I had cheese and vegemite on toast in front of Monsters Inc. while the adults ate Dodo pizza. We didn't leave until nearly 7.30 so by the time we got home both Oskar and I were exhausted. After we got out of the car I ended up crying on the floor of the garage - I can't even remember why - before Daddy came and picked me up and took me to bed.

This morning I've been very happy to potter about at home and watch a bit of TV. I didn't even mind when Oskar threw wet sand at me, I was just happy to be playing with him at home.

Monday, January 03, 2005
'Kookabah! Eee are ooo?'

'Nee-nar nee-nar nee-nar!' Oskar and I have been putting out fires this morning. Oskar put on his Fire Chief hat and ordered me, 'Come on, Jazzie, there's a fire in the bedroom!' I jumped on my bee and Oskar sat on the fire truck and we both made our siren noises, 'nee-nar nee-nar nee-nar' as we zoomed into the bedroom to put the fire out. Fires kept appearing all over the house as we whizzed about together. It was great fun. Then we curled up on Oskar's doona together and pretended to sleep. I grabbed Kookabah, climbed onto Oskar's bed and whispered, 'night-night', to Mummy and put my head on Oskar's pillow. I'm going to love it when I can have a big bed.

When I woke up this morning I noticed that instead of my usual Daddy long-legs friends in the corners, there was a really, really big spider. I called out, 'Spice! Mummy, Uggar, UGGAR! Sbice...Mummy,' He was pretty happy there, and I didn't mind at all. I just wanted to show him around.

A bit later Daddy showed us the spider - he had it in a Tupperware container, so we had a good look at its tummy and head. Daddy pointed out where its mouth and eyes were before taking it over the road to the trees and letting it out.

Saturday, January 01, 2005
We've got spiders in lots of the rooms of our house. I know what they are because of my favourite book, Aaaarrgghh Spider! I especially notice the ones in the laundry because that's where I lie down to have my nappy changed. I point to them in the corners of the ceiling and tell Mum, 'daddy lollies, daddy lollies!!' Then I yell, 'GO!' because I can't quite say 'out you', yet. We have a really big spider in the loungeroom at the moment. I've been keeping an eye on it throughout the day. I call it, 'sbice', and then say, 'shoo'.

I'm loving playing with Oskar. Each morning when I wake up I yell as loudly as I can, 'UKKAR!!' Most mornings we go and play in his room with our blankets and doonas. I love to lie on Oskar's bed, put my head on the pillow and pull up his blanket. Then I cuddle Bobo or bear bear and say, 'night-night'. Oskar likes to pretend to fall off his bike and say, 'please fix me, Jaz'. I go to him and try to help him up off the floor then give him a hug. We cuddle each other a lot. I love cuddles. Everyday I hold up my arms to Mum and Dad and say, 'hug'.

It's a good thing that Oskar cuddles me and gives me kisses, because he can still be really nasty to me. He loves to shove things down my back, which really annoys me. I have to wail for help because I can't reach the blocks/dinosaurs/toys that he's wedged down there. He also delights in spooning wet sand over my head and down my back. Mum and Dad get really annoyed with him when he does that, but it's not so bad if the weather's warm.

We both got some really nice presents for Christmas. My favourite present is my stroller. Unfortunately Oskar keeps wanting to play with it too. He tries to yank it off me so we have this tug-of-war, but he's stronger so he usually ends up with it. Then I scream and cry and throw myself on the floor in the hope that Mum or Dad saw what he did.

I love to draw. Whenever I see Mum with a pen I ask, 'doorwy?'. Then, when she looks at me blankly, I point to where all the pens are kept and ask again. Once she's twigged, she gets out the textas and some paper and I set about making swirls all over the paper. I do that for about 15 seconds; then I start drawing on my arms, legs and face. That's much more fun.

I've enjoyed surprising Mum a bit lately. A couple of times this week I've refused to go to sleep for my nap straight away. I yabber away in my bed and play with bear bear and pingu. Mum then comes in looking all affronted, which is pretty funny. A couple of days ago, when it was hot, I managed to get myself half out of my sleeping bag before Mum came in and put me back in. Fifteen minutes later I'd worked my way out of it again, so she took it fully off and told me to go to sleep without it. He he. I played around a bit more before deciding to get really cheeky. I took off my nappy and threw it over the side of my cot. Then I weed. Ooh, she was not impressed. She did a brief clean up before wacking on a new nappy in record time and bundling me back in my sleeping bag. I fell asleep after about an hour, but it was a fun hour.

I did my first wee on the potty a few days ago. It was just before a shower with Mummy and we were both pretty pleased. I like to sit on the potty a few times a day - Mum and Dad hardly ever ask, so I just take myself off, usually after I've had a wee because that's when I remember. I now tell Mum when I've had a wee or a poo. I say, 'Mummy, poo!' then she'll ask, 'do you want me to change your nappy?' and I'll reply, 'no', and keep on playing. Then when she changes my nappy I wail, 'sore!'.

I've learnt some more new words: 'mongey' (monkey), 'mangai' (magpie), 'fok' (fork), 'poon' (spoon), 'muck' (milk), 'mango' (apricot), 'godini' (I want a drink of juice and water, please).