Jasmine Aurora
Jasmine Aurora
Monday, February 28, 2005
Over the last few weeks we've been going to the pool for a swim each week. Oskar has a lesson with some other boys, and I have a play in the little pool. The first time I went in I was a bit unsure, but Daddy came in with me and I had fun mucking about with him. Today I went with Mummy, but she didn't have her bathers on. I pointed that out to her with, 'Mummy! Bavvers!!' as I pointed to her t-shirt, but she assured me she didn't need them. I sat on the edge and kicked my feet about, managing to splash water in my eyes in the process. That was okay, though. I kept getting up and walking around the side of the pool; actually, I bounced around saying, 'boing, boing, boing' and then, 'bounce, bounce, bounce.' I loved watching the other kids playing in the water. I watched a boy who was swimming under the water. I pointed and said, 'boy'. Eventually Mummy persuaded me to walk to the middle of the pool where she swished me around from side to side while we both said, 'weeeeee!'. That was fun. Then some bigger kids came over, and Oskar as well, and they all got a bit rowdy and started splashing. A few of the mummies and grannies got wet, including Mummy (she should have worn her bathers), but no one got mad; it was fun. I hope we go again soon.

Sunday, February 20, 2005
Sorry it's been a while - now I have to remember what I've been up to!

A couple of weeks ago Oskar and I went to the doctor. I remember that very clearly. The doctor was very chatty and showed Oskar and I a fridge with lots of little boxes in it. I rather fancied a funny shaped little bottle to play with, but Mum took it off me, so I looked at what Oskar was carrying instead. The doctor did something to Oskar's arm that made Oskar scream really loudly. I looked up from the toys I'd been playing with to see that Mum was getting him a strawberry stick! Yum! I wanted one too, so I hung around while Mum was chasing Oskar around to give him a hug. Oskar chucked his strawberry stick on the floor during a big dummy spit, and I swooped on it, but Mum beat me to it. The doctor pressed something on Oskar's other arm and made him cry even more, but I just wanted a strawberry stick. Finally Mum got me one and just after I'd taken my first mouthful I felt what Oskar had been crying about. The doctor stuck a needle in my arm! I was so mortified that I yelled out and then froze in a silent scream. I finally went to breathe again but couldn't because the mouthful of strawberry stick got stuck in my throat. Oh, it was so awful! Then the doctor stuck a needle in my other arm as well! I screamed again, but remembered that I still had lots of strawberry stick to eat, so resorted to whimpering while I ate some more. I couldn't finish it after all that so I clung to Mum's leg as we walked out. I hope I don't have to go through that again.

For the week after the doctor visit I was really tetchy. I had a big red lump on one arm and just felt grumpy and tired. I cried really easily and needed lots of hugs.

I've been to the playcentre Billy Lids a couple of times in the last week. The first time we went I was so happy to be there. Oskar and I ran off and didn't go back to Mum for about an hour and a half. I rode about on the little cars and watched the big kids playing. But by the time we left I was very tired and Mum told me I looked pale. We blamed it on the needles. The next time we went I wasn't feeling so much like playing by myself. I rode about a little bit but mostly cuddled Mum while she talked to friends.

I perked up about a week after the needles. I knew I was feeling better once I started to find ways to get Mum back if she refused me something. This time I determinedly told Mum, 'More milk. More milk!' but she said no. So I opened the second drawer in the kitchen - the one with all the big implements in it - and tipped the remaining drips of milk from my cup in there. I complemented that with a very crotchety glare towards Mum and I think she got the message: There's PAYBACK if I don't get what I want.

Last Wednesday I counted down from five. I used to go, 'five, four, one!' but that day I got it right: 'five, four, 'ree, two, one!' Then Daddy said, 'Thunderbirds' and I said, 'ARE GO!'

Thursday I stayed overnight at Nan and Grandad's for the FIRST time! It was great fun. Mum dropped Oskar and me there late arvo because she had to go to a meeting and Daddy was away overseas. I slept in the portacot in the front room and loved it. We went to playgrounds with Nan and Grandad and played around with the wonderful toys in the back room. We got home late arvo on Friday and I was very happy to see Mummy.

The next day Oskar and I were both tired. I'm okay when I'm tired, but Oskar is HORRIBLE. He's grumpy and mean and nasty and does horrible things to me. Mum pushed him off to bed early, which I was very happy with because we then had a lovely time together doing jigsaws before I headed off for my nap.

In the afternoon, when we were both much happier after good sleeps, we went to Granny's house. We played about in the back yard and then went to Gardiners Creek. Granny does lots of plantings there so she wanted to inspect the damage to the trees from the floods of the week before. It was all a big mess, with huge trees fallen down on top of little shrubs all over the place. Granny and Oskar went off through the bushes together while Mum and I checked out the roots of a really big tree that had fallen over. My sandals weren't so good in the bush, so I asked Mum to carry me. We had nice cuddles until Granny and Oskar finally came back from their explorations. At home we munched on flatbread with vegemite for dinner (yum!) before heading home and falling in to bed around 8.15pm. Very late for us.

The next day Daddy came home - Yay! I went off for my usual nap - Granny put me to bed since Mum went out - and when I woke up Daddy poked his head in my room. I saw him and yelled, 'DADDY!!!!!' with the biggest grin I could muster. I was very happy to see him!

Ah! So much more has happened, but that will have to wait till next time!

Wednesday, February 16, 2005
'Suzy, Suzy, Ben, Ben!'

'Mummy, Daddy, Uggar!'

I'll write more soon, I promise.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005
He he, I just got one up on Mum. As usual, she expected me to eat dinner. They still haven't learnt even after I tossed Dad's fish and vegies over the floor and refused to touch the omelette and squashed pieces of sausage in my fingers. Tonight Mum wanted me to eat pasta. I refused, although I did briefly consider it after she said I could have a snake if I ate it. I put one piece in my mouth but pulled it out again. Then I swiped the plate off my tray, except Mum caught it. Then she read me the usual rules about the kitchen being closed and blah, blah, blah. But I thought it was a bit mean that she left me in my high chair while she went off and dried the dishes. But she forgot that I didn't have a nappy on...so I weed on the seat. That'll teach her.