Jasmine Aurora
Jasmine Aurora
Monday, March 28, 2005
I have a Pingu jigsaw puzzle that I love to play with. I pick it up and say, 'tip out!' and drop all the pieces on the floor. Then I set about putting them all in the right spots. I say, 'Hmm, seal...goes in dere!' and, 'plane...goes in dere!' and, 'biff...goes in here! Ha ha ha!' Then when it's all done, I pick it up and yell, 'tip out!' and drop them on the floor to do it all again!

I have a new car seat. It used to be Oskar's seat, but he now has a smaller one, so I get to sit in his seat. When I first sat in it I happily said, 'Okkar, seat', and grinned because I felt like such a big girl. I have more room around me and can't kick the seat in front as easily, although I have tried. But I'm not sure about the new seat belt. I'm okay with it for the first five minutes, but then it starts to annoy me, so I start fiddling with it. I got my head stuck to the side of it one time and I cried and yelled until Mum scraped it over my head so I was back in the middle of it again. Then Oskar yelled at me - 'You gotta not play with it, Jazzie!' - and I cried some more. But at least Mum doesn't bump my head against the car like she used to when she lifts me in and out. Plus I can climb down myself once the belt is undone - I like that!

Speaking of climbing about in the car, a few days ago we were all out in the garage cleaning the car. I propped myself in the front seat and had a wow of a time playing with all the buttons and levers. I even found a key, which I turned, although that didn't seem to do anything so I left it where it was. I had lights flashing and the windscreen wipers going - it was such fun! Strange thing was, though; the car wouldn't start the next day - after we cleaned it so well, too. Ah, well, it's going again now, so doesn't matter!

Tuesday, March 22, 2005
'Daddy, work; Okkar, kinder; Mummy, home.'

Sunday, March 20, 2005
It's been nice and warm today, so I've been running around without a nappy on. I love playing about in the nuddy. I've weed in the potty a couple of times, weed on the couch about three times and weed on the carpet twice. When I was outside I was contemplating weeing in the clam but Mum told me to use the potty. I said, 'No. Toilet', so Mum took me to the toilet where I managed to squeeze out a few drops before releasing the rest on Mum's side of the bed.

Just before I created a little puddle on the kitchen floor. I had a good look at it and thought I'd better clean it up. Dad had just got in the shower so I grabbed his undies, wiped myself with them, then wiped up the wee on the floor. All very neat I thought, although I did get shoved into the shower after that.

Hee hee hee: I've just upset Dad terribly by weeing on the coffee table! Then I slapped my hands in it and wiped them on my knees! Ha ha ha! I think I can see a nappy coming for me...

Thursday, March 17, 2005
I've learnt how to get people to move out of my way, especially when I'm on my biddenbike: I call out, 'moogie, moogie!' and jiggle my bike up and down a bit. If the person doesn't move, then I ride into her back. He he, I did that to Mum - THEN she moved! She learnt what 'moogie' meant pretty quickly after that. It's the closest I can get to 'excuse me' at the moment.

But I do try to be polite. When Mum gives me a biccie or a drink I often say, 'anks, Mum'.

Friday, March 11, 2005
Since watching lots of tennis on TV while the Australian Open was on, Oskar and I have been running around yelling, 'Come on!!' Oskar yells, 'Come on!!' and sticks his fingers to his forehead, while I yell, 'bog on!!' and raise my fist in the air. Then we run in circles around the yard or in the loungeroom. We also like to crouch down with our hands on the ground - Oskar calls out, 'Ready, set, GO!' - then we both tear off at full pace. We love doing that in the park where we can run in circles around the cricket pitch. As we approach Mum or Dad, we yell out, 'a winner!' and raise our arms in the air. We get lots of claps and we love it!

Another word I've been using lately is crikey. If something drops on the ground, or I bump into to something, then I call out, 'rikey!' Sometimes it sounds like 'fikey', although today it sounded like 'fucky'. Grampa made a funny face when I said that, so I might say it again sometime just to see the look!

Mum and Dad are definitely understanding what I say much better than they used to; I'm glad they've been working on it. I was very happy yesterday when Mum understood me straight away: I heard the shower running so I tugged on my clothes, put on my serious face and said, 'hop in!' Mum helped me get my top and pants off and started to undo my nappy but I stopped her by yelling, 'MINE!' She backed off so I could rip open my nappy by myself. I then handed it to her and said, 'bin', so she dutifully took it to the bin. I'm rather pleased with myself.