Jasmine Aurora
Jasmine Aurora
Sunday, June 19, 2005
Hear me sing Twinkle Star.

I'm so pleased with my latest sentences. I came up with the best one after I accidentally knocked over Oskar's full cup of milk. I went bounding in to Mum and announced, 'Mummy, Mummy, Mummy...mine spilt Okkar's milk airwhere.' I was so pleased with that sentence that when I woke up coughing in the middle of the night and had a cuddle with Mum in bed I lay there telling her about it again: 'mine spilt Okkar's milk airwhere...carpet...table.'

I have a bit of a cough at the moment. It's not too bad during the day; although, I do feel a bit tired and slightly grumpy. But, it's definitely worse during the night. I sound a bit like a dog barking, which is very weird.

I've been enjoying singing over the last few weeks. I'm learning the ABC song from Bee on Wednesdays - I haven't quite got it perfect yet - plus Twinkle, Twinkle, of course, and also a Tweenies song called 'Copy me do'. I sing in the bath, 'Coffee, coffee, coffee me do. I do dis, "choo choo choo", an' chewychoo.'

Actually, I'm loving our new big bath. Last time I had a good soak Aunty Dodo was here, so I yelled out, 'Undie Dodo, look a' me! Mine swim!' and then after a bit of splashing around, 'Undie Dodo, mine all wet now!' Yesterday I sat in the bath practicing my new sentences: 'My name Jazzie and Okkar's name Okkar,' and 'Mummy's name Suzzette!' Then I called out, 'Mummy, mine pee!' Mummy yelled, 'Oh, don't wee,' and I said, 'I did!!'

Another exchange I rather liked was when Mum asked me what I'd like for breakfast. I responded, 'I like flakes an' yoghurt, an 'tanas.' Mum asked, 'would you?' and I replied, 'No, yuk!' He he, serves her right for asking a silly question!

Monday, June 13, 2005
I came up with a couple of very creative activities this afternoon. Mum and Oskar had snuck out to the bottle shop and Dad was in the other room, so I felt quite justified in amusing myself. I found the left-over water that Mum usually puts in the iron and trickled it down my slide onto the floor. It made little puddles along the top and steps of my slide and a big puddle at the bottom. But once it was all gone from the pourer I had to find something else to do.

Then I noticed the paint brush in the craft box. I got my orange juice down from the table, dipped the paint brush in it and started painting on the floor. I made great shapes and spread it around as much as I could, but it really wasn't very noticeable. So I stepped in it and walked around the kitchen floor; then I could see it because Dad had just cleaned the kitchen floor and my foot prints stood out.

At that point Mum came home and admired my handiwork, but Dad wasn't so impressed. He got out a bucket and the mop and set about cleaning the kitchen floor...again.

Saturday, June 11, 2005
Oskar and I went to Nan and Grandad's yesterday while Mum went to the dentist. We had fun playing about at Nan's and watching TV before Mum came to collect us. I was very happy to see her, but she didn't look too flash. After we got home she sat on the couch and kind of sunk into it. Oskar and I kept checking to see if she was okay, and she was still there when I got pushed off to bed far too early by Daddy. This morning, Oskar, Mum and I all played about on the floor with puzzles, books and drawing on pictures that Oskar printed out from the computer. Then we noticed that Mummy was looking kind of dazed. She then went off to bed and stayed there for ages. Oskar told me that she had a sore mouth, so I thought I'd try to cheer her up. I climbed up on the bed and jumped up and down while yabbering happily at the top of my voice. Then I found the clapper that we got from the Tour Down Under, so I jumped up and down on the bed while waggling the clapper and yodelling as well for good measure. For some reason, Daddy thought that Mum might not have been cheered very much by my actions so I left her to it. When I woke from my nap she was still there and I got to have a quick snuggle in bed before she finally got up. Happily she perked up this afternoon and we all went for a lovely walk to the gingerbread house park up the road.

Far more exciting than Mum's mouth-ache is the fact that I have a new bike! It appeared last weekend in the garage. Oskar and I surveyed it for a little while before I climbed on all by myself. I had to claim it as mine because Oskar really liked the purple streamers hanging from the handlebars and I thought he might pinch them for his bike. Oskar's bike is very plain compared to mine! I fit on the bike really well and can happily touch the pedals with my feet. Now I have to learn how to pedal. We went around the block; Mum or Dad pushed me while I steered - it was great fun. Daddy tried to get me to keep my feet on the pedals and circle them around, but I thought it was more fun to let my legs hang and have Daddy push me. Maybe tomorrow I'll try pedalling.

Friday, June 03, 2005
'Twinkle 'tar,
How ah wanwan wah wah wah,
Up a baa baa baa baa baa,
Like a diamy in a 'ky,
Twinkle 'tar,
How ah wah wah, wah wah wah.'

Thursday, June 02, 2005
Oskar and I love being cats. We crawl around on all fours and talk to each other in cat language. Oskar plays the sweet cat and goes, 'mew, meow, mew', while I play the big, bad cat and screech, 'MEeeeeOOOOOW!' I stalk around the house with a cranky look on my face; it's great fun!

A couple of days ago Mum got out the mini-tramp for us. We love bouncing on it, but we have to take turns because otherwise Oskar jumps on while I'm trying to bounce and knocks me off. I get on and demand, 'Mummy, Mummy, Mummy, hold mine hands!' then I jump really high while Oskar counts to ten. I jump off and Oskar gets on for his go. I yell out, 'ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR...ELEVEN, TWELVE, THIRTEEN, THIRTEEN!'

Mostly Oskar has been nice to me, although sometimes he's very mean. But he was so sweet on the weekend. I was eating a cruskit when I swallowed some the wrong way and started coughing. Oskar asked me, 'Are you okay, Jazzie?' and once I'd recovered I replied, 'yep'. Then he came over and rubbed my back really gently. What a sweet brother.

And in other news, Amelia and I have discovered squealing. Hee hee hee...