Jasmine Aurora
Jasmine Aurora
Friday, July 29, 2005
Aah, life is good! So much to do, so little time to write about it! It was Daddy's birthday last week. I woke up in the morning and started singing 'Happy Birthday' to him while I lay in bed. I sang, 'Happy der-day to you, Daddy, happy der-day to you, Daddy! Beeb bip hooray! Beeb bip hooray! ... YAAAAAAY!' and I clapped my hands loudly. Daddy heard me through the monitor and came in looking so happy!

We had lots of family gatherings so Daddy could stretch out his birthday celebrations. Last weekend Oskar and I stayed at Nan and Grandad's for the night and then we all went to a restaurant for lunch and met Mum, Dad, Uncle Ad and Heather there. I was a bit scared walking in the restaurant; it was so big and noisy. As soon as I saw Daddy I walked straight up to him, climbed up onto his lap and snuggled there for a while. Once I relaxed a bit I sat on my own seat between Daddy and Uncle Ad and had a whole glass of lemonade. I felt much happier after that! I picked at a toasted cheese bagel, some chips and some fruit - it was a very yummy lunch.

The weekend before we had lunch at Granny's house and Aunty Dodo had made Daddy a lemon meringe pie. As he was cutting it up I told him, 'And some me, Dad?' He cut me a small bit, but I didn't really like it very much. Soon afterwards I'd forgotten that I didn't like it and asked, 'Daddy, mine have some of your cake, please?' He said, 'No', so I pleaded, 'Aw, please??' I didn't get anymore cake.

Later on, Oskar and I were playing shops on the cats' scratching post. I hung over the top platform and asked, 'Okkar, you buy?' He asked for a chocolate chip cookie. I thought about it and told him, 'Not today, Oggar, not today,' because that's what Granny always says to us when we go raiding the kitchen cupboards for sweet things!

Sunday, July 03, 2005
Gee, I've had some cranky moments lately. Mostly it's because I go to help myself in the cupboard and Mum stops me, or because Oskar is being mean. I came up with a great line to Oskar yesterday when he was annoying me: I went stomping up to him and said, 'Okkar, you die an' sick!' Everyone stopped what they were doing and stared at me, so I repeated it again and then finished him off with, 'Exterminek!' and waved my dalek hand. Oskar ran off to his room howling, so my work there was done.

Aside from my annoying brother, things have been pretty good. One of my favourite times is just before Mum tucks me in to bed. I insist on lots of hugs: 'Mummy, huggy, hug', and I snuggle my head into her neck. Then I tell her what song to sing, since I'm very into singing at the moment. I get her to sing 'Twinkle Star', then 'Rocka Baby', and then 'the cat one', which finishes off with something about a dish running away with a spoon. Each time Mum finishes the song I ask, 'why?' She never has a good answer.

Once Mum has laid me down in bed and tucked the covers over me I sit up and say, 'Mummy, hug', and throw all the covers off myself and reach up for her. I always wait until she's got the covers tucked in to get up again. She generally huffs a bit, but always gives me another hug before I settle down for the night. I do like this routine!